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30 Best Manufacturing Business Ideas

Manufacturing business ideas at a smaller scale are easy to start and do not require larger capital. The government also provides tax and other benefits to small and medium enterprise. Thus it is a good idea to start a small scale manufacturing business.

In this post, I will share a list of 30 Best Small Manufacturing Business Ideas that you can start with low investment. For better understanding, I have divided these manufacturing business ideas into following categories.

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  • Low Investment Manufacturing Business Ideas
  • Medium Investment Manufacturing Business Ideas
  • Large Investment Manufacturing Business Ideas

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30 Best Small Manufacturing Business Ideas

# Low Investment Manufacturing Business Ideas

#1 Pencil Making

A pencil is a popular stationary item. Pencils are widely used in the education industry. It is very easy to produce a pencil and it can be produced in bulk. You need a pencil making machine along with wood and lead to make a pencil.

#2 Incense Stick Manufacturing

Incense Stick or Agarbatti Manufacturing is next in the list of low investment manufacturing business ideas. Incense sticks are widely used in India. You will find Incense stick in almost every Hindu household. It is used of prayers and puja. Thus starting Incense stick manufacturing is a very good business option.

#3 Herbal Oil Manufacturing

Herbal Oil Manufacturing is one of the most lucrative business ideas. Hair fall and hair growth problem is very common today. If you possess a traditional recipe of making herbal oil you can enter in this business. It is very low-cost manufacturing business idea.

#4 Disposable Plates

Disposable plates always remain in demand. Mostly in all parties and event, disposable plates are in use. In addition to that street food vendor also use disposable plates. Looking at the demand for disposable plates, you can open a small scale manufacturing business for producing disposable plates.

#5 Papad & Pickle Making

Papad and Pickle making is one of the most profitable home based small manufacturing business idea. Papad is a thin wafer type product served with food. You require basic ingredients such as flour, spice, oil for making papad. The success of this business depends upon your marketing skills.

#6 Detergent and Soap Making

Detergent and Soap Making is a very good business option. Detergent and soaps are fast moving consumer good item. You can start this business from home also. There are a lot of DIY YouTube videos available for learning detergent making. You need to keep marketing agents or executives to market your product.

#7 Handmade Chocolates

Everyone loves chocolates and manufacturing of chocolate is very easy. Chocolate has a very good market. If you have good culinary skills you can make and sell handmade chocolates. The raw materials required for making handmade chocolates are mould, sugar, chocolate cream etc. You can take orders from a small provision store or big shopping malls.

#8 Manufacturing of Cookies and Biscuits

Making cookies and biscuit is a lucrative business option. Cookies and Biscuits are used as regular bakery item for breakfast. If you can make exclusive cookies and biscuit you can rule the market. For producing cookies and biscuits in bulk you require machinery and manpower.

#9 Candle Making

Candle making is home based business ideas. Candles are used as religious items as well as decorative items. You need raw material such as mold, material for making wax. You can think of buying readymade candle making machine for bulk production.

#10 Bread Making

Bread is one of the widely used items in fast food. Bread making requires sugar, salt, flour and other baking items. It is a good idea to use a bread making machine for making bread. The quality of bread is very important in this business.


#11 Furniture Making

Furniture Making is next in the list of low-cost manufacturing business ideas. Furniture includes table, chair, wardrobes etc. You require a few manufacturing equipment’s and wood to start this business.

#12 Smart Phone Cover Making

Smart Phone cover making is next in the list. Smartphone cases are used for the protection of mobile. Almost every smartphone user purchase smartphone cover. If you can make smartphone cases of various colors and look you can rule the market.

# Medium Investment Manufacturing Business Ideas

#13 Spice Powder manufacturing

Spice Powder making is a good business idea with medium investment. The demand for spices in the domestic and international market is growing on a daily basis. Chili Powder, Garlic Powder, Black Papper, Cumin, Clove are few famous spices. You require various machines such as grinding machine, impact pulverizer, pounding machine etc. The requirement of machines varies based on spiec type.

#14 Medical and Surgical Equipment making

Medical Surgical Equipment making is next on the list. Medical and surgical equipment are used widely in the medical field. If you have knowledge and expertise about medical equipment you can opt for this business. Investment required for this business is medium.

#15 Imitation Jewlery Making

Imitation Jewlry making is very good manufacturing business idea. If you are new to jewlery making you should go for the course. You require jewelry kit and various accessories. You can even start this business from home.

#16 Wallet and Purse Making

Wallet and Purse making is next on the list. Wallet and Purse are made of leather. You need to purchase either readymade lather or manufacture lather along with purse. You need to buy a machine or making a wallet and purse.

#17 Aluminium and Fibre Glass Door Making

A usage of Fiber Glassdoor and Aluminum fitting are growing. If you have knowledge in this field you can start your own aluminum and fiberglass door making business. You need to purchase a cutting and fabrication machine for this business.

#18 Toy Manufacturing

Toy manufacturing is next on the list. Toy manufacturing is a lucrative business option. Toys are of a different type. Firstly, you need to select what types of toy you want to manufacture. Once you decide type design and prototype toy. Once it is done you need to manufacture toy. This business requires a medium investment.

#19 Sport Equipment Making

The next business idea is related to sports. It is about the manufacturing of sports-related items such as a ball, bat, badminton racket, carrom etc. If Indoor and outdoor sports are popular in your country this business can lead to runaway success.

#20 Electrical Fitting producing

Electrical Fitting production is one of the lucrative business options. Firstly, you need to decide which electrical fitting item you will be making. There are multiple items such as sockets, plugs, fan regulator, inverter part etc. Every component has a different manufacturing method. Once you decide the item you need to create a prototype and purchase raw material and equipment of manufacturing.

# Large Investment Manufacturing Business Ideas

#21 Concrete Block Manufacturing Business

Concrete Block or Brick manufacturing is large investment manufacturing business ideas. India is going through construction boom. Concrete block is basic building block of any property. The demand of concrete block never ends. Thus concrete block manufacturing is profitable business option. You require labour force and suitable place to start this business.

#22 Tile Manufacturing Business

Tile is widely use construction item. Apart from local usage tiles are also exported outside. You require raw material such as clay, pottery, stone, silica sand for making tile. In addition to raw material you require tile making machine and suitable place to start this business.

#23 Automobile accessories manufacturing

Automobile accessories of two wheeler and four wheeler are in huge demand. The raw material required for making automobile accessories is easily available. If you have expertise you can manufacture automobile accessories such as seat cover, mud flaps, car interior accessories etc.

#24 Steel Utensils for Kitchen

Kitchen utensils such as pots, kettles, fry pans, cutleries and kitchen utensils are essentials in our homes. There is a large market for a kitchen utensil. So, starting kitchen utensil is a very good business idea. You can purchase readymade machinery for manufacturing of kitchen utensils.

#25 Plumbing Items Manufacturing

Plumbing items such as pipes, coupler, taps always remains in demand. This is mainly due to boom in the construction industry. Plumbing Items manufacturing requires large investment and machinery.

#26 Drug Manufacturing

 Drug manufacturing is also known as pharmaceutical manufacturing. You need to do lot of R&D to develop drug formula. If you are expert in this area or if you have competent educational background in pharma you can start this business. It is hard to get approval or license as drug manufacturer.

#27 Engineering Tool Making

Engineering tool making means making tooling used to poduce products. Before making tools you need to make appropriate die or moulds. Once you are ready with die you can start mass production. You can buy appropriate fabrication tools for making tools.

#28 Shoe & Belt Maker

Shoe & Belt making is one of the large investment manufacturing business idea. Shoes, boots, sandals are widely used in daily life. In order to make shoe you can use manual method or machine for bulk manufacturing.

#29 Chemical and Color Making

Chemical are used for various purpose such as food preservative, cloth dyes, hair dyes etc. If you have knowledge about chemical line you can start this business. This business requires special approval from the government. It is difficult to establish chemical plant. Investment required for this business is high.

#30 Cement Making

Cement making is highly profitable business. Cement is used in construction industry. Please note that cement making is complex process. You require raw material such as lime stone, clay and other chemical to make cement. You require huge space and machinery to start this business.

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