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10 Stocks Recommended by Brokerage Houses


The stock market is on the path of recovery. In last five trading seen we have seen constant positive movement in sensex. GST and ongoing FDI reform are positive factors for the stock market. As per leading brokerage houses and stock analysts, it is a good time to invest in stock market. Do you want to know which stocks are good for investment? Well, here are 10 stocks recommended by leading brokerage houses.

10 Stocks Recommended by Brokerage Houses 

ABB India (Target -1590 Rs)

Edelweiss and ICICI direct is advising to invest in ABB India stock with target price of 1590 Rs. In September quarter end, order inflow of ABB India is increased by 61%. Profit of company has increased to 45 Cr in this quarter.  ABB India is good stock and expected to give good returns.

Cummins India (Target – 1160 Rs)

Cummins India is recommended stock by Edelweiss brokerage house. Cummins India is constantly performing well. Cummins India is holding both export and domestic market. Operating margin of the company is improving constantly. It is good stock bet for long term.

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Maruti Suzuki (Target – 4960 Rs)

Maruti Suzuki is recommended stock by Angle Broking and Edelweiss. Maruti Suzuki is best consistent performer stock. This stock will defiantly get the benefit of 7th Pay commission salary rise. The operational margin of Maruti is improving. You should invest in this stock for a good return in the long run.

Ashok Leyland (Target – 111 Rs)

Ashok Leyland is recommended stock by Angle Broking. Ashok Leyland is a good stock for long-term perspective. Good Management and improvement in the product are positive points of this stock. Debt to equity ratio of this stock is 70:30.

Eicher Motors (Target – 21531 Rs)

Karvey and Angle Broking are bullish on Eicher Motors. It is recommended to purchase this stock with target price of 21531 Rs. In 2015 third quarter, Eicher Motors profit margin is increased by 55.2% (256 Cr). An increase in operating margin and growing revenue are positive points about this stock.

NBCC (Target -1150 Rs)

NBCC is recommended stock by ICICI direct and Edelweiss. NBCC is sitting on the healthy order book. Order book of a company is more than 30000 Cr. Smart city project will give a lot of benefit to NBCC. It is a good stock for long-term investment.

Ultra Tech Cement (Target -3000 Rs)

Ultra Tech Cement is stock recommended by Edelweiss and Mystock Research Company. Ultra Tech is a good company with less debt. Debt to equity ratio of this company is 0.5%. Target price of this stock is 3000 Rs.

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Berger paints (Target – 300 Rs)

Berger Paints is next recommended stock by the brokerage house. Berger paints is gaining the benefit of recent expansion. Debt on Berger paints is very less. Debt to equity ratio of this stock is 0.5%. The profit margin of this stock is increasing. Target price of this stock is 300 Rs.

Cadila Healthcare (Target – 515 Rs)

Sharekhan is recommending Cadila Healthcare stock for long term investment. Cadila Healthcare is a good pharmaceutical company. Cadila Healthcare is growing in terms of profit margin and revenue.

Diwan housing Finance (Target – 300 Rs)

HDFC Securities is bullish on Diwan housing finance. Diwan Housing Finance gives a loan to metro, non-metro, semi-urban customers. The profit margin of Diwan housing finance is growing continuously. Smart city and upcoming infrastructure project will be beneficial to this stock. It is recommended to buy this stock with the target of 300 Rs.

 (The views content and recommendations expressed in this post are of brokerage house own and do not represent those of Please consult your financial advisor before taking any position in the stocks mentioned)

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