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10 Best Mutual Fund with outstanding returns

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Do you think that your mutual fund portfolio is performing up to mark?  Are you struggling to build your mutual fund portfolio? If yes you are at right place, today I will share detail about 10 Best Mutual fund that gave outstanding returns in past. Adding these mutual funds in to your portfolio will surely prosper your portfolio.

It is very difficult to predict direction of stock market in current conditions, However we are here with few best mutual fund schemes of 2015. These mutual funds are selected purely on past performance basis. All these mutual funds are falling in high risk category. These 10 Best Mutual Funds can fetch very good return.

10 Best Mutual Funds 

Sundaram S.M.I.L.E Fund – Regular Plan (G)

Sundram SMILE Fund is open-ended growth mutual fund. Minimum investment amount in this fund is 5000 Rs/-. This fund makes investment in small and mid-cap equities.

Last 1 year return – 123%

Last 3 year return – 34.2%

Canara Robeco Emerging Equities (G)

Canara Robeco Emerging Equities is open-ended growth fund. Main objective of this fund is generating capital appreciation by making investment in mid-cap stocks.

Last 1 year return – 101%

Last 3 year return – 36%

DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – Regular Plan (G) 

DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – Regular Plan is open-ended diversified equity growth mutual fund. This mutual fund has proven track record of giving good return.

Last 1 year return – 108%

Last 3 year return – 37.22%

SBI Small & Midcap Fund (G) 

SBI Small & Midcap Fund is small cap and mid cap mutual fund. It is open-ended growth mutual fund with very good prospective. 

Last 1 year return – 104%

Last 3 year return -40.54%

Reliance Small Cap Fund (G) 

Reliance Small Cap fund is high risk mutual funds. This mutual fund primarily invests in small cap stocks. Exit load of this mutual fund is high 2%.

Last 1 year return – 97%

Last 3 year return -38%

L&T Equity Fund (G)

L&T Equity Fund invests in blue chip stocks. L&T Equity fund is open-ended growth fund. This diversified fund falls in average performance category.

Last 1 year return – 56%

Last 3 year return -22%

JM Equity Fund (G) 

JM Equity fund is open-ended growth fund. Minimum investment amount applicable under this scheme is 5000 Rs/-. Exit load applicable is 1%. 

Last 1 year return – 51%

Last 3 year return -18%

JPMorgan India Equity Fund (G) 

JPMorgan India Equity Mutual fund is diversified mutual fund largely making investment in large cap stocks. This mutual funds fall under average return category.

Last 1 year return – 51.9%

Last 3 year return -21.9%

L&T India Large Cap Fund (G)  

L&T India Large Cap fund is well diversified large cap fund. This mutual fund is open-ended growth fund.

Last 1 year return – 50.8%

Last 3 year return -20.8%

UTI Mastershare (D) 

UTI Mastershare is dividend fund. This mutual fund makes investment in equities, convertible debentures & bonds. Majority of investment done by this scheme is in Large cap equities.

Last 1 year return – 49.3%

Last 3 year return -20.9%

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For Mutual fund investment you should select systematic investment planning route. You must avoid the lump sum and one time route unless until it is used for the systematic transfer plan

Also ensure to adopt systematic withdrawal plan while redeeming mutual funds. It is not advisable to pull out all your money in one go. 

Disclaimer: Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks. Please read the Scheme Information Documents and Statement of Additional Information (SID & SAI) carefully before investing.

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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