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Zerodha Coin – Direct Mutual Fund Platform Review

Zerodha Coin is an online platform which allows you to buy Mutual Funds Directly. Zerodha Coin is initiative by Zerodha.

You must be aware that mutual funds can be purchased in two ways either via a distributor or directly from AMC. When you purchase mutual funds via distributor you need to pay additional commission to the distributor. The commission charges are variable, but generally, it is in the range of 0-1.5%.

When you purchase mutual fund directly via AMC website, you need not pay any commission charges. However, you need to visit multiple AMC/Fund house websites to order and manage your portfolio. You can overcome this problem by making an investment through Zerodha Coin.

Zerodha Coin

What is Zerodha Coin?

Zerodha Coin is direct mutual fund platform. This platform is managed by discount broker Zerodha. It is available in web based as well as app based. This platform allows you to buy mutual funds online, without any commission directly from AMC companies. You can invest across 3000+ mutual funds via this platform. Earlier Zerodha was charging Rs.600 per year for making use of this platform. However, now Zerodha Coin is completely free. You need not to pay any money for making use of this platform or app.

Zerodha Coin Key Features

  • No commissions on the investment made in direct mutual funds using this platform.
  • Direct Mutual Funds will be DEMAT from, one single portfolio across equity, mutual fund, and currency.
  • Single Dashboard for managing mutual funds at single place.
  • Single Capital Gain statement and Profit & Loss statement.
  • SIP facility called as Easy SIP. Easy SIP allows you to start, stop and modify SIP at any time.
  • You can track order and see NAV online similar to stock market. You can place an order to buy and redeem fund based on NAV.
  • You can create,pause and modify your SIP anytime using mobile app.
  • Portfolio tracking view is available on this platform.
  • Support up to 3000+ mutual funds.
  • Completely free platform. No Fee are charged for using this platform for direct mutual funds investment.

How to buy Mutual Funds via Zerodha Coin?

Follow steps given below to buy Mutual Funds via Zerodha Coin

  1. Go to https://Coin.Zerodha.Com
  2. Click on Login. You can use Zerodha’s Credential. There are no separate credentials for Coin.
  3. Search for the fund name by typing its name in the search bar.
  4. Click on ‘Buy Direct’ Button. You will get another window. In this window just mention the amount you want to invest and click on ‘Buy’ button.
  5. If you want to create SIP then just click ‘Direct SIP’ button and enter details to setup SIP.

How to Transfer Mutual Funds to Zerodha?

You can transfer your regular mutual funds to Zerodha Coin. The fund where you have invested your money might be in demat form or non-demat form. The process in both the cases are given below.

(1) Regular Fund in Demat Form

Transferring demat form regular fund to coin is very easy. You need to fill up delivery instruction slip (DIS). You will find DIS Slip from your stock broker. You need to mention your Zerodha DP ID, Mutual fund units, Fund detail in DIS. The process of transfer will take approximately 24 hours.

(2) Regular Fund in Non-Demat Form

The process is complex, if your mutual funds are in non-demat form. You need to go for de-materialization. You need to download the DRF (Dematerialization Form) from Zerodha website. You need to fill up two copies of this form and submit it along with self attested PAN copy and self-attested mutual fund copy. Once you submit this form to head office of Zerodha, the process of De-materialization begins. You need to pay nominal fee of Rs.150 + Courier charges for the conversion.

Should you buy Mutual Fund via Zerodha Coin?

Currently, the way to buy direct mutual funds is to visit the AMC/fund house website or office and directly invest. This method generates different portfolio under different AMC. The entire process is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Coin offers this facility via a single console. You need not pay any money for using this facility. However, as of now Coin has following drawbacks.

  • Zerodha coin does not offer any expert recommendation or research inputs, you need to select funds on your own.
  • You need to open demat account with Zerodha first. This means you need to pay AMC charge every year.

As per me, you should accept above shortcoming and make use of this platform. This platform offers lot of flexibility and save time in terms of doing paper work.

If you are already using Zerodha Coin, please share your experience and rating in the comment section given below.

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