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Whatsapp Banking – How Use? – Key Features & Benefits

Whatsapp Banking

Whatsapp Banking – Whatsapp is the simple and secure and reliable messaging app. Almost every smartphone users use this app for messaging and calling. Apart from messaging and calling this app can be used for availing basic banking services. Leading banks like ICICI, HDFC, and Kotak have launched the facility of using Whatsapp Banking. You can check your savings account balance, last three transactions, submit cheque book request, regenerate debit card pin, block or unblock credit, and debit card using this facility.

If you are keen to use this facility, here is complete Whatsapp Banking key features and benefits.

To use this facility, you need to save the Whatsapp Mobile number specified by the bank to your contact list. You can find this number on the website of the bank. Once a specified number is saved to your contact list go to Whatsapp Application and send “Hi” message to the saved number. You will be automatically subscribed to these services.

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Starting a conversation on this number means that you are agreeing on the terms and conditions for using these services.

Make sure to use your registered mobile number for using this facility. 

Key Features of Whatsapp Banking

  • Available with a click of a button and can be used anytime anywhere.
  • The service is offered free of cost to the customer.
  • It is a secured service with end to end encryption.
  • A person without a bank account can also use this facility.
  • Few banks offer this service in the regional language also.

Services offered

The services offered on Whatsapp vary from Bank to bank. However, few common services offered are given below.

  • Know your Account Balance
  • Get Details about last transactions
  • Know your credit card limit
  • Block and Unblock your card
  • Instant Loan Facility
  • Get FD summary list
  • Get details about pre-approved loans and offers
  • Get information about nearby ATM or bank branch

How to use Whatsapp Banking – ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Kotak Bank


ICICI bank customer needs to save ICICI Bank’s Whatsapp profile number 9324953001 in the contact list. Once this number is added you need to send <Hi> message on this number via registered mobile number to start using these services.

On starting the conversation, you will receive a response from the number with the list of services available. You need to type the highlighted keyword or the option number to proceed. The service is carried out and displayed instantly.

E.g If you write <stmt> you will get a statement on your screen. If you write <bal> you will get your account balance on screen.


The procedure of using banking services for the HDFC account holder is also the same. You need to add specified Whatsapp profile number 70659 70659 to your contact list and start conversations by saying <Hi>. On sending this message, you will be subscribed to these services.

Here system works on a question basis instead of keywords. Suppose you want to know your account balance you need to write the question “What’s my balance”. You will get your account balance details on the screen.

In addition to banking, you can use this facility for general queries also. E.g you can get detail about IFSC code. You can also get information about documents required for a home loan, car loan etc.

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank also offers this facility. To use this facility, you need to add ‘022 6600 6022’ to your mobile contacts. Now send ‘help’ message to know the list of services available. Once you get the list on the screen, your work is easy.

Type the number against the services like “1” or “Bank Account” etc. There are 30 different services available on this platform.

FAQ about Whatsapp Banking

How much money do I need to pay for using these services?

This facility is offered free of cost. The basic idea behind the launch of this facility is to help customers in solving general queries and reducing the load on phone banking or branch visit.

How safety and security are addressed in this mode of banking?

The entire process of banking via this method is safe and secure. The communication taking place between your mobile and Whatsapp Profile number is encrypted end to end. Additionally, you need not enter any confidential details such as PIN, password, or account number to avail these services.

What happens If I lose my mobile phone?

In case your mobile is lost and your Whatsapp is not password protected it may create a problem for you. The person can access Whatsapp Banking services and get a few important information about your bank account.

So, in case of mobile phone lost you need to contact the Whatsapp team via support@whastapp.com for the deactivation of your Whatsapp account. Alternatively, you need to register for these services using another mobile number. You need to contact your bank for doing the same. 

Over to You

This facility has changed the way we use communication channel Whatsapp. All banking services are available by sending a message via Whatsapp Chat.

Do you prefer using banking services via Whatsapp channel?

Which one is the most preferred way of banking as per you –  mobile banking, internet banking, or Whatsapp Banking?

Please share your preference in the comment section given below.

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