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Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Indian Stock Market

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Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Indian Stock Market – Learning the Indian Stock market is easy with the help of YouTube Channels. You can watch videos and enhance your stock market skills from the comfort of your home.

There are dozens of YouTube channels available online. From beginner to advance everyone can learn about the stock market from YouTube Channels.

I am a YouTube lover and fond of watching new videos on investing and the stock market. I have prepared a list of Top 10 YouTube channels that can help you to learn about the Indian Stock Market. The channel list shared here is based on my knowledge. It may be possible that I might have missed some YouTube channels which are launched recently or may not be known to me. If you feel that your favorite channel is not included in the list, you can post it via the comment box. I will review the channel and enhance the list. 

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Go through the complete list of YouTube Channels, watch videos and subscribe to the channel that is suitable to you. So, let’s get started with Top 10 YouTube Channels to learn the Indian Stock Market.

Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn Indian Stock Market

#1 FinnovationZ

FinnovationZ is the best YouTube Channel to learn about the Indian Stock Market. You will find a lot of whiteboard videos on this channel. This channel has also started a video-based course called as Stock Market Crash Course. In addition to the stock market you can also learn about mutual funds, investment, startup, case studies, financial scams and success stories of the stock market. You can find more than 300 videos on this channel. The language used on this channel is Hindi. If you are new to the stock market you should subscribe to this channel.

#2 Nitin Bhatia

Nitin Bhatia is Blogger and YouTuber. He is running his educational channel on stock market. It is one of my favorite YouTube Channel. Nitin Bhatia uploads videos on stock market trading & investing every day at 9:30 PM. This channel has around 870 videos. All videos are crisp, to the point and informative. If you want to learn stock market trading and investing you can subscribe to this channel.

#3 Pranjal Kamra

Pranjal Kamra is one of the best YouTuber. A YouTube Channel of Pranjal Kamra has 1.3 Million subscribers. He is also running website Finology. He has uploaded more than 130 videos on his channel. In addition to sharing stock market knowledge he also shares videos on business, career tips, becoming rich etc.

#4 Sunil Miglani

Sunil Miglani is well known name in the field of stock market. He is considered as stock market expert. He has also done various television shows on stock market. You can learn stock market trading and investing on this channel. You can find more than 390 videos on this channel. You can subscribe to this channel and learn everything about stock market. 

#5 Yandnya Investment Academy

Yandnya Investment Academy is running a successful YouTube channel on investment and the stock market. You will find videos in Hindi as well as English language on this website. Most of the videos are whiteboard videos which are easy to understand. You can find more than 700 videos on this channel. Yandnya Investment Academy also offers financial planning services on their website.

#6 Market Gurukul

Market Gurukul is the Best YouTube Channel for Technical Analysis of Stocks. You can learn technical analysis in stock market, forex as well as commodity on this channel. This site has basic to advance all types of videos. There are 170 videos on this channel.

#7 Elearn markets

Elearn Markets is ranked as one of the Top YouTube Channel. It is a virtual world that provides training on financial markets. You can find videos of stock market trading, fundamental analysis and technical analysis on this channel.  You will find interviews and much more information on this channel. Videos uploaded on this channel is in English and Hindi Language. You should subscribe to this channel for learning stock market.

#8 Asset Yogi

Asset Yogi YouTube Channel is a complete finance package. You can learn about money, investment & business on this channel. This channel has more than 1 Million subscribers. The objective of AssetYogi is to spread financial literacy in the language of common man. I love this channel and recommend this channel to everyone.

#9 Trading Chanakya

Trading Chanakya is Top YouTube channel for learning technical analysis. This channel upload both basic and advanced videos on technical analysis. You will find more than 720 videos on this channel. You can learn very good stock market trading strategy on this channel.

#10 Groww

Groww is popular and one of the most recommended YouTube Channel. The prime objective of this channel is to simplify investment and help you in learning everything about stock market and mutual funds. It is an educational channel and does not give any stock specific recommendation. You will find more than 350 videos on this channel.

Over to You –

Which YouTube channel is your favorite for learning the stock market? Do share your favorite channel list in the comment section given below.

Disclaimer –

Please note that the channel list given below is prepared based on my own experience. I am not associated with any of the channels mentioned above. The purpose of this post is to help you in learning about the stock market.

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