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Top 5 Virtual Credit Cards Debit Cards in India

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Virtual Credit Cards are not real cards. It is an online version of a credit card. A virtual credit card is also known as prepaid credit card or Virtual debit card. These types of cards are specifically designed for online transactions. Entire details of virtual credit card including card number, validity, expiry date and CVV number remains online only. A Virtual Credit card is add-on credit card issued on the top of a primary credit card. The primary objective of virtual credit card (VCC) is to protect against hacking attempts or frauds.

Virtual credit cards are the safest and best option for online purchase. It is very easy to generate these types of cards. You just need to login to an app or online banking portal and generate credit card for required credit limit. It is safe to use these type of card as it can be used only once. The limit of this card is fixed hence the chance of fraud and losses can be prevented up to great extent. It is highly recommended to use virtual credit cards while doing online shopping. If you are planning to use Virtual Credit cards for online purchase, here are Top 5 Virtual Credit cards debit cards in India.

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Top 5 Virtual Credit Cards Debit Cards in India

Virtual Cards Provided by Banks

HDFC NetSafe Virtual Credit Card

HDFC NetSafe is best virtual credit card. It is a unique online solution from HDFC Bank. You can generate a unique virtual card using physical visa or master credit/debit card. HDFC NetSafe is free for all HDFC bank visa and master debit and credit card holders.

Key Features of HDFC NetSafe Virtual Credit Card –

  • The lifetime of the card is 48 hours.
  • The limit of this card is depended on your primary credit or debit card.
  • It is a single transaction card.
  • It is a free virtual credit card.

SBI Virtual Credit Card

SBI offers online virtual card. This card can be created online using net banking facility. Once you login to SBI net banking site, click on the e-card. Here you will find generate virtual card link from that you can generate VCC card. The maximum limit of this card is Rs.50000.

Key Features of SBI Virtual Credit Card –

  • This card can be used for transactions made only in the country.
  • No separate registration required. It can be generated by net banking account.
  • There is no limit on number of virtual cards created by the customer per day.

Kotak NetCard

Kotak NetCard is virtual card provided by Kotak Mahindra Bank. It is a onetime use virtual card that can be created from a bank account via net banking. Once you login to net banking portal you need to click on “netc@rd” tab. You need to select bank account for drawing fund and click OK to generate card.

The key features of this card are similar to other card, except this card does not support secondary verification and 3D secure code.

App Wallet based Virtual Cards

Pockets Card by ICICI

Pockets Card by ICICI is among one of the best virtual credit cards. Anyone can sign up and use Pocket. It is not mandatory to become ICICI customer for using a Pocket app. This app is freely available at Google Play. It is the first app in India that provides you with UPI, NFC, and Bharat QR Code payment options. You can even request for a physical prepaid card using this app.

Lime Wallets by Axis Bank

Lime wallet by Axis Bank is a wallet service similar to Pockets wallet by ICICI Bank. A free virtual credit card (called as Shopping Card) powered by MasterCard is offered to the users of wallet service. The card can be used at any online merchant in India with no international usage allowed.

Apart from Top 5 Virtual Credit Cards mentioned above few other famous virtual credit card options are Yes Pay Wallet by YES Bank, Zeta RBL Bank, Udio Wallet, Oxygen Wallet, PayZapp Visa Card by HDFC Bank etc.

Advantages of using Virtual Credit Cards

  • It is one of the most secure payment option. This card can be used only once this means chance of misuse is nearly nil.
  • The limit of usage is fixed and cloning of card information is not possible.
  • Like normal credit card you will need OTP via SMS for authentication.
  • You can make VCC of any amount as per your requirement.
  • It is free card and bank does not charge anything for this card.
  • You can cancel this card anytime with a click of button.

Drawbacks of Virtual Credit Cards

  • This card cannot be used at store or at shopping mall.
  • VCC cannot be used to withdraw cash.
  • Primary card is mandatory in majority of cases to avail this card.

I have just shared various online Free VCC options and ways to create it.  In case if you face any problems or have any doubts feel free to comment below.

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