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Top Student credit cards in India 2024-25

Student Credit Cards offers financial freedom to students. If you are a student studying at the college level you can opt for a student credit card. The age limit set for the student credit card is 18 years. The student credit cards are available at a low-interest rate with a validity of 3-5 years. Income eligibility proof is not required in order to avail the student credit card. However, few banks demand a security deposit. A credit limit offered under these cards is low. The process of applying for student credit card and detail about Top Student Credit Cards in India are given below.student credit cards

How to Apply for a Student Credit Card?

There are multiple types of student credit cards available in the market. The process of applying is different for every card. Few most popular credit card types offered to the student are given below.

  • Student Add on Card
  • Student Credit Card Against Security Deposit
  • Credit card against education loan – Travel credit card
  • Credit Card as study loan – Bihar Student Credit Card by the Government

If you are a student above 18 years age and keen to apply for the credit card, you need to first find out which banks are offering these types of cards and process of applying. In most of the cases, you need to submit a form for applying for credit card along with required documents.  You need to visit the bank personally. However, few banks provide an online facility for application.

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Documents required for Student Credit Card

  • Age Proof – Birth Certificate
  • College Student Proof – ID Card
  • Resident Address Proof
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Aadhaar or PAN Card

Features of Student Credit Card

Credit Limit

Credit Limit applicable to the student credit card is very low compared to all other credit cards.  The credit limit is in the range of Rs.20000-Rs.25000. This limit varies from bank to bank and card type. If you are opting for Bihar Student Credit Card (BSCCS) it acts as a loan and provides limit up to 4 Lakh for study expense. The main idea behind a lower credit limit is to control expenses.

Card Validity

Credit cards offered to the student remain valid for the study period. The validity of this card varies from 3 years to 5 years.

Waiver of Fees

No joining fee applicable for the student credit card. The annual charges applicable for this card is also very low. The main idea is to make this card affordable. Duplicate card issue fee in case of the stolen card is very less.


These types of card can be obtained with minimum or less documentation. Student needs to submit bare minimum documentation for this card.


The usage of this card is restricted for domestic purchase in local currency. However, few cards are available for international usage for study abroad.

Special Rewards

The applicable rewards and benefits programs are different for every card. Most of the credit card offers cashback and discount for spending money using a card.

Top Student Credit Card in India

#1 SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card

SBI Student Plus Advantage credit card is an exclusive credit card for the student. This card is offered only to the education loan customers. This card can also be availed against fixed deposit. Key features of SBI Student Plus Advantage credit card are given below.

  • No Joining Fees for this card. The renewal fee (Rs.500) is NIL if annual spend is above Rs.35000/year.
  • Cash withdrawal is allowed up to 80% of the credit limit.
  • 5% value back and 10x Rewards point on all spend at departmental stores.
  • Get 1 Reward point for every Rs.100 Spent.
  • Flexipay option to convert credit card bill to EMI is available.
  • Interest-free credit period up to 25 Days. Finance charges up to 2.25% per month.

#2 ICICI Bank Student Forex Prepaid Credit Card

ICICI Bank Student Travel Card is a Forex card for the student visiting abroad for higher studies.  This card is available in five different currencies and valid for 3 years. Key Features and applicable cost for ICICI Bank Student Travel Card is given below.

  • A card can be loaded in five currencies – USD,EURO,GBP,AUD and CAD.
  • FEMA limit is applicable on the card.
  • Remote loading of the card via parents/guardians residing in India.
  • A card can be used internationally anywhere for online purchase as well as a physical swipe.
  • Free International Student Identity Card Membership
  • This card can only be used outside India. Domestic usage is not allowed.
  • Joining Fees Rs.150, Reload Fee Rs.100, Cross currency fee – 3.5%+GST

#3 HDFC Student Add-on Card

HDFC customer can avail benefit of HDFC Student Add-on card.  If you are a part-time or full-time student with steady monthly income or saving bank account you can opt for any HDFC credit card. If you don’t have any income you need to go for Add-on Card. Add-on card is an additional card given to existing credit card holder. Key features of HDFC Student Add-on card are given below.

  • No Documentation required. The process of issuing is very simple.
  • The expense of the add-on card is included in the monthly statement of parent credit card.
  • Sub limit for the Add-on card can be defined.
  • Add-on card can be used for online as well as offline purchase.
  • Charges applicable on Add-on card are same as that of parent card.

#4 HDFC Multicurrency ForexPlus Card

HDFC ForexPlus Credit card is for the student traveling abroad for the study. As the name suggests, this card is capable of loading multiple currencies. You can load up to 22 currencies in this card. It is contactless card. Key Features of this card is given below.

  • Facility to load up 22 different currencies.
  • Easy transfer of currency online.
  • Emergency cash delivery facility.
  • Contactless credit card.
  • Joining fee – Rs.500, Reload fee – Rs.75.
  • Cross currency markup charge 2%.

Over to you

Do you use student credit card? Do share your experience in the comment section given below.

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