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Top 5 Intraday Trading Course in India – 2024

Intraday Trading Course in India – Do you want to learn intraday trading? Are you looking for intraday trading courses? If yes, this post is for you.

In this post, I will discuss- What is intraday trading? Stock market trading as a career option. Why do you need to join an intraday trading course? Top 5 Intraday trading courses and tips for selecting stock market training courses.

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What is Intraday Trading?

Intraday trading means buying and selling the stock on the same day to earn a profit. Here, stocks are purchased for trading and not for investment.

Example – Suppose you purchase a stock at 1000 Rs cost in the morning and sell it for 1500 Rs in the afternoon same day your profit would be 500 Rs from intraday trading.

Many people treat trading like gambling. But, it is real fact that you can earn a lot of money by doing intraday trading. 

Your earning in intraday trading depends upon your risk-taking capacity and knowledge. I have seen traders earning Rs.1000 to Rs.10000 by doing stock trading. 

Stock Market Trading as a Career option

Intraday Trading is a very good career option. Anybody starting from Small businessman, housewife, retired person, salaried professional or young students can start intraday trading and make money. However, it is a risky career option and requires a lot of knowledge and skillset.

The stock market movements are unpredictable. If you make a wrong stock selection or cannot understand trading signals and patterns you will end up losing a lot of money.

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Why do you need Intraday Trading course?

In the first instance, stock trading looks very simple but it is not. You need to understand multiple stock market jargon such as ask, bid, square off, trading patterns, swing trading, technical analysis, support, resistance, and lot more.

It takes a lot of time to learn intraday trading by yourself. Not only that if you do trading by yourself (with limited knowledge), your chance of losing money in the stock market is very high. 

Thus, it is highly advisable to join an intraday trading course before involving yourself in intraday trading. There are multiple intraday trading courses available in India both online and offline. Here is a list of Top 5 Intraday Trading courses in India that you can join to learn day trading.

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Top 5 Intraday Trading course in India 

#1 NIFM – Certified Master in Trading & Investment Program (MTIP)

NIFM offers a master course for trading and investment in the stock market. This course covers basic as well as advanced concepts of stock market trading, futures, capital commodities, currency, forex, and options strategies. You can become an advanced-level stock market expert by doing this course.


  • Trading fundamentals of capital currency, commodity, and derivatives 
  • Understand cycle and patterns
  • Market research and event analysis 
  • Practical on live market
  • Advanced money making strategies 
  • Unlimited practical hours 

Duration – 10 days

Course Fees – Rs.30000

Course Credential – Certificate 

#2 IFMC – Quick Trader 

Quick Trader course by IFMC consists of 1-month trading class. This course covers derivatives market & operations, commodity market, currency market, and trade strategies. Key features of the Quick Trader course are given below. 


  • Self-trading course with live market practical
  • Workshop and other programs and meet with industry experts 
  • A hard copy of study material  

Duration – 1 Month

Course Fees – Rs.13000

Course Credential – Certificate 

#3 IFMC – Uni-Directional Trade Strategies

Uni-Directional Trade Strategies is a web-based course for learning trading strategies for intraday trading and positional trading based on basic tools. It is a short-term course that helps you to become a stock trader. The entire course material is video-based and additionally you will also get pdf books on demand. Key features of the Uni-Directional Trade Strategies course are given below.


  • Hindi Language videos and e-books
  • Live-stream screen share training in the intraday trading course  
  • Tips to select the best shares for intraday

Duration – Online with material access validity 6 months 

Course Fees – Rs.3600

#4 Udmey – The Complete Technical Analysis Course

Udmey offers a complete stock market trading course. This course covers complete stock market analysis, day trading, technical analysis, options, swing trading, charts etc. This course is offered online and the feature of this course are given below. 


  • On Demand Video Course 
  • Full lifetime access on TV and mobile 
  • Certificate on completion 

Duration – No fixed duration, Lifetime access

Course Fees – Rs.455

Course Credential – Certificate 

#5 Stock Pathshala – Technical Analysis course 

Stock Pathsala offers multiple courses on the stock market. One such course is technical analysis. Stock Pathshala offers free as well as paid courses. They provide online content for learning the stock market. It is an app-based course that covers topics such as technical indicators, patterns, analysis, etc.


  • Subordinate training
  • Online Content and access to audio and webcast
  • Content Updates 

Duration – No fixed duration, Online content

Course Fees – Rs.999 to Rs.7499

Tips for selecting a stock market training course

  • Compare the credential of the institute including trainers, services offered, and features.
  • Check the course content and verify that it suits your expectations.
  • Make sure to compare course fees and the duration of the course.
  • Make sure that the course can increase your knowledge about the stock market.
  • Check if live training (hands-on) is provided by the training institute.
  • Check that course covers basic as well as advanced stock market content.
  • The course offered by the institute should be affordable.
  • The institute should provide support after training for a few days.
  • If required, take feedback from a professional.
  • Make sure the institute is genuine and registered with SEBI.


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