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40 Multibagger Stocks Up to 200% return in 2 Years

A Multibagger stock is a stock that gives multifold returns to the investor. A stock that doubles its price is called two-bagger stock. If stock grows 10 times it is known as 10 bagger stock. If it grows by 100 times it is 100 bagger stock. Multi-Bagger stocks are undervalued stock with strong fundamentals, future business potential, and strong corporate governance. Examples of multibagger stocks in India There are several stocks in India which have given multifold returns to the […]

20 Multi-bagger stocks for Investment

A multi-bagger stock is a stock that gives multi fold return to the investor in a couple of years. A multi-bagger stock can make you wealthy in a short period of time. However, it is very difficult task to identify multi-bagger stock for the investment. You need to consider multiple factors such as earning potential, line of business, debt level etc. In this post, I will discuss methods to identify multi-bagger stock. In addition to that, I will also share […]

5 Multibagger Stocks with magnificent returns in 6 months

Multibagger Stocks – The year 2015 was a bad year for the Indian stock market. A majority of blue-chip stocks turns out to be a big loser in 2015. However, few multibagger stocks were able to give magnificent returns to the investor. Here are 5 Multibagger stocks that doubles or triples investor money in just 6 months. These stocks are likely to give good returns in 2016 also. 5 Multibagger Stocks SpiceJet SpiceJet is first multibagger stock. SpiceJet is Indian […]

Top 7 Multibagger Stocks for 2016

2015 was a year of ups and down for stock market. In January 2015, Sensex started its journey from 27500 and today it is on a level of 25158. Sensex was volatile during an entire year. Except few midcap stocks majority of the large cap were under pressure. Soon we will be entering into New Year 2016. New FDI reforms, GST and Federal Reserve meeting will be few driving factors for the Sensex in 2016. I hope that 2016 will […]

Top 10 Best multibagger stocks India

A true multibagger stock can multiply your money many times over the long run. You can become crorepati by making an investment in the multibagger stocks. However, it is difficult to identify best multibagger stocks for investment. In order to help you, I have identified Top 10 Best Multibagger Stocks of India, not only that I will be giving you tips about how to identify multibagger stocks in India. You should invest in these multibagger stocks as and when you […]