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15 Small Mistake that Cost you Money

Life does not give you second chance. A small mistake done by you can cost you a money. You should avoid doing a mistake that cost you a money. It is true that Money is not the most important thing in life, but money does affect everything that is important to life. So, it is absolutely essential to manage money in effective manner. So, here is 15 small mistakes people does which cost them money. You should avoid these mistakes. […]

Money management Inspired by water

Money is vital need today. No human being can live without money. Money is power, freedom perhaps everything for us. People are crazy about money & they are ready to do anything for money. Earning money is not enough, it is essential to do money management also. Today I am going to explain you money management with help of water. Sounds interesting right! Let’s look at money management inspired by water. Money management inspired by Water Money management share lot […]

Value of money – 10 Rupee True Story

In today’s world we find two types of people. One is wealthy people who don’t care of money. They spend money without any hesitation. Second is Poor people who value money they think thrice before spending money. So which one you are do you value money? Well let me ask you simple question. Imagine if you have 10 rupee what you will do? Well you must be thinking what type of question it is and what is value of 10 […]

Love Money and Relationship

Life is best when love money and relations are growing in harmony, but today we find 7 out of 10 couple reports that disagreement about money matters are disturbing their love and relations. This may be because many couple ignore topic of money in early stage of relationship. So we are herewith tips to maintain harmony in love money and relations. Love Money and Relationship Find Time to Talk about Money Many couples do not talk openly about money. Our […]

You want 100$ today or 200$ after month?

If someone ask you that you want 100$ today or 200$ after month. You will defiantly reply 100$ today, very few select 200$ after month. Well it is not question of 100$ or 200$ when it comes to money 99% people believes in immediate pay off rather than waiting for larger gain at later stage. They are ready to sacrifice long term gain over short term gain. This is called as instant gratification. Today it is era of Instant gratification […]