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10 Best Profitable Investment Options in India

Where to invest money? Which are best investment options in India? These are commonly asked questions with varied answers. For conservative investor fixed investment instruments are best investment options while for aggressive investor stock market best investment option. Whatever is the case one thing is sure that it is better to invest money rather than keeping it idle. Investment helps you to meet your financial obligations like children education, post retirement expense, children marriage etc. It also helps you to […]

Best Investment Option – Stock Market

Given a choice where you invest your money? Which one is best investment option as per you? Well, an answer to this question varies based on person to person. Let’s try to do one small exercise. Take a quick break of two-minute and answer one simple question. Which one is best investment option as per you? Your answer could be – Fixed deposit Mutual Funds Real Estate Stock Market Well, if your answer is fixed deposit, mutual funds or real […]

Best Investment Options for 2016

What is the Best Investment Option for 2016?  It is one of the most difficult question to answer. However, let’s try to get answer of this question. The year 2015 is about to end, with a lot of hopes and happiness we will be soon entering in 2016. The year 2015 was an average year for the investors. Equity, Gold and real estate most promising investment options were unable to perform in 2015. Sensex generated returns of -7.16% this year. […]

Investment Options of Middle Class – Worth for investment?

Investment in stock market is the best investment. However, the recent stock market crash is the reason for worry. The Sensex and Nifty have closed at their lowest level since 13 months. The stock market crash is the nightmare for many investors. They are cautious and not ready to invest money in stock market. At another end, some middle-class people think that stock market investment is risky. They are not investing in the equity market. They are happy and relax. […]

Fixed Deposit most preferred Investment option of India

As an Individual where do you prefer to invest your money?  Equity, Mutual Funds, PPF, Gold, fixed deposit, Insurance or somewhere else? Well smart investors always prefer equity as asset class, as it gives decent returns in long run. However Recent Karvy’s Annual Private Wealth Report for 2014 says something else. As per this report fixed deposit is most preferred investment option of Indian. Fixed deposit investment is risk free. Investment in fixed deposit gives returns in range of 8-9% but, If […]