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5 Most corrupt country – Checkout India’s ranking

Whole world seems to be corrupt today. Everywhere we see corruption. Be it government or private organization from top to bottom one has to give money get work done. Be it USA, Pakistan, India, China, Bangladesh or somalia everywhere work is getting done by corruption. Transparency International has published report of corruption perception index 2013. This report contains information about 177 countries & their corruption reality. Highest score under this report is 100. 100 means clean country and 0 means […]

India Corruption Monitor – Bribe Trends in India

Corruption is biggest issue of our country. Indians are not inherently corrupt our value and culture is very good but somehow corruption is born out of system failure. The solution to cure corruption permanently is to stop looking at it from a moral perspective, but from an economic perspective. Corruption follows a mathematical formula Corruption = Monopoly + Discretion – Accountability Wherever these conditions are there, be it the public or private sector, corruption tends to happen. So we have […]

I Paid a Bribe, Have You – India against Corruption

Most of the time you have come across situation where in you have to give bribe to get your work done. Corruption is pervasive and also corrosive. To fight against corruption Banglore based NGO has launched website that focuses on petty retail corruption in India. It helps the average Indian post his or her bribery experience and it also uncovers the “market price” of corruption in various cities, departments and services. This website allows Indians to post their bribe experiences […]