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Gratuity – Important Points to Know About the Gratuity

If you are doing a job you must be aware of Gratuity. Gratuity is an amount payable to the employee at the time of leaving a job. It is a big amount. It is the right of the employee and no employer can deny it. I have recently received a query about the gratuity. The question was – Recently I have resigned from the job. I have completed four years and seven months at the time of resignation. Am I […]

How to know your Gratuity Benefits – Calculator Download

Gratuity is monetary reward paid by an employer at the end of employment. This benefit is applicable if you stay in employment for 5 years or above. It is a mandatory benefit as per payment gratuity act India 1972. This act is applicable to all establishments, where 10 or more employees are working in preceding 12 months. If you are changing your job and want to calculate gratuity benefits here is simple gratuity calculator, eligibility and tax benefits. Eligibility An […]