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Online Incometax Calculator

Financial planning is very essential for an individual as it helps to maintain consistent savings ratio even in this world of constant inflation. One can save money with the help of saving on taxes. Savings on taxes is one method which yields good results in having an efficient financial plan. Everyone these days are aware of income tax and their liability towards taxes, and due to this reason people remain very keen to calculate their income tax. Calculation of income […]

10 Money Mantras – 2013

Money is vital need today for everyone. Anything and everything is purchased by money except love. 2013 is begin and we are herewith 10 Money mantras of 2013. Following these money mantras will help you in achieving financial freedom. Making more money:- Very simple and basic rule to follow this year is making more money or try to find out way to make more money. One can make more money by doing additional task (Working extra mile) or can make […]

Want to become rich? Try these tips

Becoming rich is, undoubtedly, a universal wish. If you too fall in the millionaire-aspirants category, presented below are some important financial tips that will surely help you achieve your dream. 1. If your friends determine your worth by what phone you own, it’s time to get better friends, not better phones. Smartphones have many features. But they also cost much more than a basic phone. It wouldn’t be ‘financially’ wise to buy a smartphone, if you don’t need to run […]

7 Financial Fantasies you should avoid

Someone has rightly said, “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living”. However, that does not mean a flight of fancy works in real life. One has to be practical enough to actually implement something in reality to achieve one’s targets. No fantasy will help, until you sweat hard for your goals. We are herewith 7 Financial fantasy you should avoid. Going through life expecting a large boom is being foolishly optimistic. It gives you false hopes and expectations and can […]

New Year Resolutions for a Better Financial Life -2013

Only few days are left for 2013. All of you must have already made plans to welcome the New Year, but have you made any plan for your better financial life in the New Year? The answer to that would most certainly be “NO“. Don’t worry if you have not done it till now, you still have the time to do it… You just need to prepare yourself to follow some resolutions for the New Year and you can have […]