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Masala Bonds Rupee Denominated Bonds – Who can invest?

You know Brook Bond, James Bond but do you know Masala Bonds? Well, I am not talking about Indian spices used for making food items. I am talking about financial instrument available in the market. You might be aware of the news that HDFC has launched Masala Bonds. So, what is Masala Bonds? Who can invest in Masala Bonds? How these bonds are beneficial to Indian Investors? What are Masala Bonds? Masala Bonds is the name given to financial instrument […]

It’s all about inflation-indexed bonds (IIB)

Inflation is always bringing problem to normal person but this time Inflation may provide you benefit Yes Inflation Indexed Bond (IIB) is another financial product which will be launched on June,4, 2013 with a maturity of 10 years. The intention behind the launch of IIB is to provide real returns to investors and reduce physical gold buying binge. Let’s check out details about IIB. Meaning of IIBs: IIB is debt instrument which attempt to give return higher than inflation rate if it […]

Should you invest in Hudco tax free bonds?

After REC, PFC & IIFCL tax free bond Housing and Urban Development Corp (Hudco) is in market with tax free bonds. This issue will remain open from 9 January to 22 January. The issue seeks to raise Rs 750 crore with an option to retain up to Rs 5,000 crore.  HUDCO – Tax Free Bonds Issue Details:- Issue Size – Issue size of Rs.750/- Credit Rating – CARE AA+ & IND AA+ from IRRPL Frequency Of Interest payment – Annual […]