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Best Investment Option – Stock Market

Given a choice where you invest your money? Which one is best investment option as per you? Well, an answer to this question varies based on person to person. Let’s try to do one small exercise. Take a quick break of two-minute and answer one simple question. Which one is best investment option as per you? Your answer could be – Fixed deposit Mutual Funds Real Estate Stock Market Well, if your answer is fixed deposit, mutual funds or real […]

Learning Value Investing in Stock Market

Value investing is one of the old and best methods of stocks picking. Today we will learn about the concept of value investing in stock market. What is Value Investing? Value investing in the stock market means finding companies that are trading below its intrinsic value. Investors of these companies are known as a value investor. The value investors always look for strong companies with good fundamentals. Becoming value investor means finding companies that seem to be undervalued by the […]

5 blue chip stock that made me wealthy

Blue Chip Stock– Stock market is easiest way for wealth generation provided you invest in right blue chip stock. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Warren Buffet is live example of wealth generation from stock market. They are successful in stock market because they have selected right blue chip stock for investment. Today I will share information about top 5 blue chip stock. I have invested in this stock few years back and this stocks had made me wealthy. 5 blue chip stock […]

Best Stock Held by Top Mutual Fund 2014

Earlier in 2013 I have shared simple yet effective idea to make stock market investment, by using this idea many people had made lot of money. Idea was quite simple. Find top mutual funds & identify top holding of this mutual funds. Invest in these top holdings and see the magic. In our earlier post with using same idea we have recommended to invest in ICICI Bank, Larsen & Toubro, Lupin, Maruti, Pidilite Industries,Wipro & Zee entertainment. These stocks gave […]

How to Select Low Risk High Return Stocks in Equity Market?

Every Investment today comes with risk & return. Higher the risk higher is return that is known fact. Selection of asset class mainly depends upon individuals but given a chance every individual will select low risk and high return investment right! Many individual today avoid stock market investment thinking that stock market investment is risky affair. This is because majority of them has experienced in purchasing stock at overvalued/high price so although it is blue-chip stock it may end up […]