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Stock market prediction really works?

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Stock market is said to be risky investment, but still many people invest their money in stock market to earn good returns.

We keep on hearing news about stock market prediction by many experts on TV, newspaper and internet.

Most common stock market prediction which we come across:-

  • Sensex will cross 25000 by 2014.
  • Stock from so and so sector is good to buy…
  • Buy so and so stock with target price ….
  • Exit from so and so stock at level…..
  • Top stocks of 2014 are….

Million dollar question is this prediction really works?  Can someone manipulate or guess about stock market like this? Do think we should invest in stock market based on these predictions?

Well your immediate answer will be no, but believe me more than 50% investors believes in this type of prediction and invest in stock market.

Let’s check out various facts about this prediction and stock market behaviour.

From 2010 I use to hear from various analyst that sensex will reach to 25,000 level by 2013 but unfortunately that prediction were prediction only and has not turn in to reality.

I am sure that many investor has considered this advice seriously and invested in stock market to gain profit but don’t know how many have actually gained from it.

Despite of all prediction today in 2014 Sensex is still trading on level of 20,000, almost at same level as that of 2008.

Although we know that stock market prediction does not work many analysts revise perdition and change the target again and again to fool the investors. I feel they revise target based on trend.

Not only that we found many people set practically impossible target. I have come across one post saying that sensex will touch 50,000 levels by 2015.

Do you think Sensex will touch 50,000 levels by Dec, 2015?

Stock market predction

Apart from this Day in and day out we use to get some stock tips or advice by adviser to buy and sell stocks with specific targets.

But I have observed that 40% of such advice are either baseless or outcome of imagination.

You must do investment in stock market with proper study and you must have knowledge about how stock market operates. Making investment in stock market with this type of prediction may lead to huge loss.

I strongly recommend that one should not take this prediction seriously you can listen to this prediction but investing in stock market only on base of this prediction can be risky affair.

Who kya kehte hai ha… Dikhave pe mat Jao..Apni Akal Lagao….! Jago Investor Jago…!

Shitanshu Kapadia
Shitanshu Kapadia
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