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20 Small Manufacturing Business Ideas with Low Cost

A small manufacturing business idea is an excellent way to turn your passion into profit. Due to increased usage of the internet and e-commerce, you can reach customers with a click of a button.

Small manufacturing businesses can be started at home or on a small rental premise. The cost of machinery or equipment required for starting a small manufacturing business is very low. You can even think of hiring machinery from the market To reduce capital investment. So, now let’s take a look at 20 small manufacturing business ideas with low cost. If you need financial assistance to kickstart your business, consider exploring options from a legal money lender.

small manufacturing business ideas

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas

#1 Paper Crafting Mastery

Delve into the realm of paper manufacturing, an economical venture with vast potential. Given the widespread use of paper in education and various industries, success in this business is highly promising. Before embarking, determine paper size and volume, allowing you to make informed decisions on equipment and workspace.

Capital required – 1 -2 Lac

Material required – Papermaking equipment, raw material, chemicals

#2 Crafting Folder Files and Envelopes

A cost-effective manufacturing business involves crafting folder files and envelopes. These items are consistently in demand across schools, post offices, banks, and corporate settings. Choose between handmade and machine-made production methods, with the latter being the recommended option.

Capital required – Approx. 1 Lac

Material required – Paper folding hydraulic press, raw material

#3 Suds and Suds: Soap and Detergent Manufacturing

Capitalizing on the perpetual demand for soap and detergent, this business is a staple in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. Master the art of soap and detergent production, ensuring the right ingredient mix. This venture can be initiated from home or a suitable premise.

Capital required – Approx. Rs.50,000

Material required – Mixers, basins, ladles, plastic bags, gas or electric stove, weighing scale, hand-gloves

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#4 Hair Oil Production

Embark on the journey of hair oil production, a low-cost venture that can kick off from the comfort of your home. With a considerable market potential, focus on creating non-sticky oils with enticing fragrances, promoting hair growth for your clientele.

Capital required – Approx. Rs. 25,000 to Rs.50,000

Material required – Base oil, Herbal extract, Perfume, Bottling and Mixing machines.

#5 Manufacturing of Sports related items

Cater to sports enthusiasts by venturing into the production of sports-related items such as balls, bats, badminton rackets, and more. If indoor and outdoor sports are popular in your locale, this business has the potential for runaway success.

Capital required – Approx. 2 Lac to 5 Lac

Material required – Raw material, machinery

#6 Handmade Biscuit making

Explore the lucrative realm of biscuit making for a home-based manufacturing business. Despite the availability of branded biscuits, there’s a market for handmade delicacies. If you possess the knack for creating delicious biscuits, consider starting your venture.

Capital required – Approx. Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000

Material required –   Wheat flour, sugar, grinder, mixture, etc.

#7 Candle making

Embark on one of the most popular manufacturing businesses—candle making. With a consistent demand for fancy candles boasting pleasant fragrances, this low-investment business is a prudent choice.

Capital required – Approx. Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000

Material required –   Wax, molding, dye, perfume, equipment for holding hot wax

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#8 Ball pen Refill making

Dive into the uncomplicated business of ball pen refill manufacturing, perfect for a home-based startup. Given the perpetual demand for ball pens in education and corporate environments, this venture holds great potential.

Capital required – Approx. Rs 50,000 to 2 Lac

Material required –   Ink filling machine, Nozzle fixing machine, punching machine, hot sampling machine

#9 Honey making

Explore the business of beekeeping and honey making, a venture with minimal upfront costs. Honey, a balanced food, is in high demand, presenting an opportunity to turn your hobby into a lucrative source of income.

Capital required – Approx. Rs. 25,000 to Rs.50,000

Material required –   Bee box, Hive bodies, honey supers, packaging material

#10 Jam Jelly Making

Embark on the small-scale manufacturing business of jam and jelly making, suitable for home-based initiation. These products are widely used in baking and cooking, making them essential items in households and restaurants.

Capital required – Approx. Rs. 25,000 to Rs.50,000

Material required – Fruits, sugar, citric acid, preservatives, food grade color, chemicals, jars

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#11 Manufacturing of toys

With children’s perpetual fondness for toys, delve into the manufacturing of these delightful items. The vast market for children’s toys presents an opportunity to initiate a business either on a small or larger scale.

Capital required – Approx. 1 Lac to 10 Lac

Material required – raw material, molds, plastic molding machines

#12 Manufacturing of Plastic bottles

The packaging needs of the food, cold drink, and chemical industries create a demand for plastic bottles. Seize this opportunity by establishing your plastic bottling plant, requiring a moderate capital investment.

Capital required – Approx. 1 Lac to 10 Lac

Material required – raw material, mold, plastic molding machines

#13 Making of Fertilizer

In agriculture-dependent regions, starting a fertilizer business is a wise move. Commence this venture on a smaller scale, and if successful, consider expansion. The demand for fertilizers is consistent in such areas.

Capital required – Approx. Rs.25000 to 1 Lac

Material required – raw material, chemicals, fertilizer-making machine

#14 Automobile part manufacturing

As the automobile industry grows, the demand for auto part replacements is inevitable. Consider starting your own automobile part manufacturing business, focusing on producing parts that are regularly required.

Capital required – Approx. 5 Lac to 15 Lac

Material required – raw material, design of part, part manufacturing machine

#15 Manufacturing of Stationery items

The demand for essential stationary items like pencils, colors, pens, and more is universal—required in schools, offices, and businesses. Tap into this demand by starting a stationary item manufacturing business.

Capital required – Approx. 1 Lac to 2 Lac

Material required – Depends upon a stationary item

#16 Eye Glass or Frames manufacturing

Enter the eye glass or frame manufacturing business, catering to the substantial market for eyewear. While this venture demands creativity and significant investments, it is essential to prepare for competition from established brands.

Capital required – Approx. 5 Lac to 15 Lac

Material required – Die cut, metal or plastic, glass, machines

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#17 Water Filter Plant Manufacturing

In urban areas grappling with purified water issues, starting a business in water filters or small home-based RO plants is a valuable endeavor. However, be prepared for a substantial initial investment.

Capital required – Approx. 5 Lac to 15 Lac

#18 Furniture making

Furniture remains an indispensable item in homes, offices, and schools. Consider venturing into furniture making, fulfilling the constant demand for cupboards, tables, chairs, beds, and more.

Capital required – Approx. 1 Lac to 5 Lac

Material required – Wood, Machines, Other raw materials

#19 Cloth Making

Initiate a home-based small business by delving into cloth making. Specializing in making uniforms for schools and corporate entities can be a rewarding niche.

Capital required – Approx. Rs.25,000 to 1 Lac

#20 Production of Leather related items

With a perpetual demand for leather-related items, consider starting a business in their manufacturing. Conduct thorough market research before venturing into this domain.

Capital required – Approx. 1 Lac to 5 Lac

Note – In all businesses mentioned above company registration and other legal formalities are mandatory.


Starting a small manufacturing business with low startup costs is an exciting opportunity to unleash your creativity, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit. By choosing the right niche, focusing on quality, and embracing innovation, you can build a successful and sustainable business that fulfills your dreams and aspirations.

I trust that these 20 small manufacturing business ideas will aid you in selecting the best venture based on your experience, skills, knowledge, and the availability of capital. Share these valuable ideas with friends and relatives to inspire entrepreneurship and business growth.

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