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15 Small Business Ideas with low investment of Rs.50000

Small business ideas

Which are small business ideas that can be started with a low investment of Rs.50000? Here is a list of 15 profitable small businesses that can be started with low investment.

Starting a business is a tough job especially when you have no money or less money. However, if you have a passion and entrepreneurial skills explore the small business ideas list given below which are low investment and easy to start.

All these business ideas are easy to start and require minimum legal procedure and documentation.

15 Small Business Ideas with low investment of Rs.50000

Tuition Class

The first small business ideas with low cost is a tuition class. You have to be expert in subjects which you are planning taught. If you are inexperience in this field you should start with lower standard class. The first step is deciding the place of tuition, fee structure and time of tuition class. The second step is making necessary arrangement of creating infrastructure such as blackboard, seating arrangement etc. Next is marketing your class in local media via hoarding or newspapers. You should focus on achieving a good result for the students.

If you select a rented property for opening a tuition class, you can start this business with a corpus of Rs.50000 or less. You need to take trade license and pay taxes on the revenue generated from a tuition class.

Tea & Cold Drink Store

Tea & cold drink stall is a small scale business option. This business can be started easily with a small investment. You just need a small place, raw materials for making tea and manpower. The place plays an important role here. It is recommended to open a tea stall nearby office area or at a market place. If you have a provision of additional capital you can plan to serve different types of tea with taste.

Overall Tea & Cold drink stall can be open with an initial capital of Rs.30000 – Rs.40000. You need to take a trade license as well as FSSAI approval.

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Tiffin Services

Tiffin Services is one of the best food business ideas with low investment. This business can be started even from home. In big cities, good tiffin service providers are less. If you can make tasty and healthy food in the economical range your chance of getting success in this business is very high. To start this business you will need a good cook, menu and raw material for making food items.  You will also need a delivery boy who can deliver tiffin prepared by you. In most of the cases, tiffin service is started without a license. However, it is mandatory to take the FSSAI license before starting this business. You can start this business with an initial capital of Rs.25000.

Chocolate Making

Chocolate Making is one of the top home-based business ideas. To start chocolate making first you need to learn various recipes for making chocolates. You can use books or youtube channel for this. Once you are aware of the process procure raw materials such as cream, milk powder, flavors, chocolate making mold, etc.

After procurement of raw material start experimenting on making chocolates. Once you are confident you can start a chocolate-making business. Initially, you need to work hard on marketing your business. You can do a direct contract with a provision store or shopping mall for keeping your chocolates. This business can be started with an initial capital of Rs.25000. As it is a food-based business you need FSSAI license.

Cooking Class

Cooking class is next on the list of small business ideas. It is a home-based business and suitable for women. To open a cooking class you need to be expert in culinary skills. You can start cooking class at home or in a rented shop. It is recommended to start specialized courses such as Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese food, etc. At an initial stage, you need to work hard for marketing your class.

English Coaching class

English coaching classes is next on the list. English is a globally accepted language and demand for English in terms of speaking and writing is increasing. If you are expert in the English language including grammar you can plan to start English coaching class. In addition to English coaching, you can start a class of IELTS and TOFEL. The demand for these courses is very high. To start this business, you first need to arrange for rented or own place. The place should be nearby school (preferably). You can start this business with an initial investment of Rs.50000.

Ice Dish and Soda Shop

Ice dish or soda shop is among one of the most lucrative business options. In this business, you need to sell an ice dish and soda of various flavors. You will need an ice dish maker and soda maker machine and raw material such as ice, dry fruit, syrup, etc. You will need approximately Rs.30000 to Rs.40000 to start this business at a rented place. You will need a trade license and FSSAI approval for starting Ice dish and soda shop. You may need additional manpower for various miscellaneous tasks.

Insurance Agent

One of the simplest and no investment business is becoming an Insurance agent. It is a part-time profession as well as a full-time business option. You need to take an insurance agency of various companies to become an insurance agent. Your main task is to meet people and convince them to purchase an insurance policy from you. You can sell general insurance policies such as car insurance, home insurance, two-wheeler insurance along with life insurance policy. You will get a commission on every insurance policy sold by you. It is a zero investment business. However, once you are successful you can start your own office.

Multilevel Marketing

One of the most popular and preferred business is multilevel marketing or network marketing. It is a passive income generation idea. There are multiple MLM network marketing companies operating all over the world. You just need to register to any trustworthy company and start marketing product and services to make money. You will be earning commission income as well as royalty income in the long run. Investment required for this business is very low. However, you need to do a lot of hard work to get success in this business.

 Candle making business

Candles are widely used for religious activities as well as decorative items. If you have expertise in making exclusive scented candles you can start handmade candles business. You will need raw material such as wax, colors, dyes, packing material and candle making machine. Before starting this business identify vendors dealing in candle business. Carry out market survey and prepare a plan for promotion.

Investment required for candle making business is very low. However, it is a volume business. You need to focus on achieving high volume. You will need a trade license as well as a pollution certificate for starting a candle making business.

Pickle Making business 

Pickle making is a home-based business opportunity. Traditionally pickles were made at home. But, nowadays we have a trend to use readymade pickle from the market. Apart from local usage packed pickles are also exported to the outside countries. Thus it can turn out to be a lucrative business option.

Before starting this business, you need to learn the process of making pickle. The entire process of making pickle is tedious and time-consuming. You will need raw material such as mango, carrot, lemon, onion, spice, and preservatives. At an initial stage, you can go for handmade pickle, but if your volume is growing you can purchase pickle making machine. Make sure to take utmost care while adding preservative and designing leak-proof packing. You can sell pickle to local grocery shop or at home. You will need FSSAI license to start pickle making business. 

Agarbatti Making business 

Agarbatti (incense stick) is a thin wooden stick covered with a substance that produces very good smell while burning. This stick is widely used for worshiping God as well as during condolence ceremonies for spreading positive energy. The industry of Agarbatti making is growing at a faster pace. If you are keen to start the business you can explore agarbatti making. You will need Agarbatti powder, wood powder, stick and perfumery compounds as raw material and machine for making incense stick. You will also need manpower for packing and distribution.

Disposable Dish and Glass Making Business

Disposable dish and plats are used widely at various events for serving food items. Disposable dish and glass have a very good market. So, starting a disposable dish and glass business make sense. You can sell these dishes locally or in the export market. You will need thermocol, die, dish making machine and other chemicals for making disposable dish and glass. Investment required for this business is moderate.

Cotton Buds Manufacturing

Cotton ear buds manufacturing is a lucrative business opportunity. This business requires raw material such as cotton, sticks, absorbent material, and packing material. You will need cotton buds making machine, which can be manually or auto control. You need to avail a trade license and GST number while starting this business.

Potato Chips Making

A potato chip is one of the most popular and ready to eat food item. Potato chip and banana chips have a very good market all over. To start this business, you will need raw material such as potato, oil, spices and packing material. You can make potato chips manually or you can purchase chips making machine. You will also need space as well as labor for bulk manufacturing. You need to tie up with vendors and grocery shops for selling your potato chips. As it is a food business you will need an FSSAI certificate along with trade license. For small scale business, you will need capital of Rs.50000. Once your business is established you can invest more money.

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