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Prostocks vs Zerodha – Best Stock Broker Comparison

Prostocks Vs Zerodha – Prostocks and Zerodha are Best discount stock brokers of India. Let’s compare Prostocks and Zerodha side-by-side and decide which stock broker is best.

Prostocks is a flat free online discount stock broker. Prostocks provide unlimited trading plan. Prostocks provide trading in equity, currency and future. The Intraday fees of Prostocks is Rs.15 per trade.

On the other hand, Zerodha is claim to be number one online stock brokers in India. Zerodha is famous for technology and lightning fast trading platform. Zerodha provide platform in investing in equity, futures and direct mutual funds. The intraday fees of Zerodha is Rs.20 per trade.

If you are planning to open a new trading account or planning to change from an existing stockbroker, this post is for you. In this post, we will compare Prostocks and Zerodha side by side.

Prostocks vs Zerodha – Best Stock Broker Comparison

Prostocks Review

ProStocks is popular online discount broker. ProStocks offers unlimited plan to the customers. You can trade in equity, F&O and currency using Prostocks.  It is one of the cheapest stock broker in India. Prostocks offers free trading terminal on website, mobile and trading app. The account opening at Prostocks is paperless and 100% online. The Key features of Prostocks are given below.

Prostocks Key Features

  • Brokerage Free Equity delivery trading
  • Flat Rs.15 per trade brokerage for Intraday and F&O
  • Unlimited trading plan
  • Online Paperless account opening process
  • Free trading terminal over website, mobile
  • Advance Margin and Brokerage calculator
  • NRI Account option available

Prostocks Charges

Equity Delivery TradeFree
Equity Intraday Trade Rs.15 per trade (Flat Fee Plan) or Free for Unlimited Trading Plan
F&O TradesRs.15 per trade (Flat Fee Plan) or Free for Unlimited Trading Plan
Options TradesRs.15 per trade (Flat Fee Plan) or Free for Unlimited Trading Plan
Currency FutureRs.15 per trade (Flat Fee Plan) or Free for Unlimited Trading Plan
Currency OptionsRs.15 per trade (Flat Fee Plan) or Free for Unlimited Trading Plan

Account Opening and AMC Fees

  • Demat & Trading Account Opening Charges – NIL
  • AMC Charges – NIL (Free for lifetime with Rs.1000 one time refundable deposit)
  • Unlimited Plan – Rs.899 per month equity cash & F&O, Rs.499 for currency
  • NRI Trading Plan – Rs.100 per trade for equity delivery

Prostocks Platforms

#1 Prostock Desktop

Prostock provide installable trading terminal. This platform is specially designed for frequent traders. You will get intraday charts, live streaming on screen for multiple market segments. Ordering on this platform is quick and easy.

You can customize trading analysis windows for faster market information. You can make use of inbuilt option strategies for calculating real time returns. You will get advanced real time chart on screen. This application allows you to set customized order alerts and price alerts.

#2 Prostock Web

Prostock web is website interface. You can access it online over internet using any web browser. You need not to install any application in order to use Prostock Web. You can get similar experience of desktop based application on the web.

You will get functional keys similar to brokers terminal. You will get access of real time market quotes and online reports. You can real time and rule based trading.

#3 Prostock Mobile

Prostock Mobile is android and iOS based light weight mobile application. You can trade on the go by using this application. It is a secured, simple yet powerful trading app for the traders.

Prostocks Pros

  • Flat fee and unlimited monthly trading plan available
  • Call & Trade facility available which is low cost
  • Online IPO facility available
  • Multiple Trading platform available
  • ProStocks has very good customer service
  • Advance Interactive voice response system

Prostocks Cons

  • 3-in-1 Account is not available only trading and demat account available
  • Commodity Trading facility is not available

Zerodha Review

Zerodha is best online discount broker of India. Zerodha is famous for latest technology and lighting fast speed. Zerodha is flat fee discount broker. Zerodha allows you to invest in equity, currency, commodity, IPO and direct mutual funds. Zerodha offers multiple trading platforms for trading such as Kite, Console, Coin etc. The flat fee for trading at Zerodha is Rs.20 per trade. The Key features of Zerodha are given below.

Zerodha Key Features

  • No delivery charges applicable and brokerage charges are very low
  • Speedy Trading platform incorporated with advanced technology
  • Historical data storage with advance charting facility
  • Regional language support available
  • Multiple Trading Platforms
  • Direct Mutual Funds Investment facility available
  • Learning facility available at Zerodha 

Zerodha Charges

Equity DeliveryZero
Equity Intraday TradingRs. 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)
Equity OptionsFlat Rs. 20 per executed order
Equity FuturesRs. 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)
Currency OptionsRs. 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)
Commodity F&ORs. 20 or 0.03% (whichever is lower)

Zerodha Account opening and AMC Charges

  • Zerodha Account opening charges – Rs.200 Trading and Demat Account & Rs.100 for commodity Account
  • AMC Charge – Rs.300 paid quarterly

Zerodha Platforms

#1 Kite

Zerodha Kite is ultra-fast trading platform made with advance technologies. You can make use of this platform on Android as well as iOS devices. Buying, selling, analyzing, and managing portfolio using Kite is very easy. It gives advance data for analysis. Advance charting facility of this tool is very good.

#2 Coin

Zerodha Coin is platform for buying direct mutual funds online. Zerodha coin provide unique investment experience. You can invest in mutual fund without commission. You can select any of the mutual funds from 40 fund houses. You can create, pause and modify your SIP anytime anywhere. It accept UPI based payment. The investment made via coin is stored in the demat form.

#3 Sentinel

Zerodha Sentinel is could based price alert tool. Customer can set price alerts on stocks, futures and options. It is machine learning based tool which sent alert even your computer is off. Notification are sent on Kite and e-mail for the price alert. The real time alert helps traders in taking trade decision in real time.

The other trading platforms for Zerodha are Smallcase, Streak, Sensibull, GoldenPi etc.

Zerodha Pros

  • Delivery Charges are NIL.
  • Multiple Trading platforms available.
  • The training facility is for the beginner is available.
  • Investment in direct mutual funds allowed.
  • Flat brokerage and easy to understand pricing.
  • Manage all investments on a single platform.
  • Good Customer Support and Quick Resolution.

Zerodha Cons

  • You will not get any advisory facility on this platform.
  • The response of the platform is slow during peak hours.

Prostocks vs Zerodha Comparison

prostocks vs zerodhaFinal Takeaway

From above comparison we can say that brokerage wise Prostocks is better as per trade cost is Rs.15 compared to Rs.20 of Zerodha. However, from technology viewpoint Zerodha is far better. Zerodha provides lighting fast trading platform. The number of trading platform and trading facility is far superior compared to Prostocks. Zerodha also provide facility of investing in direct mutual funds.

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