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10 Most Profitable Renting Business Ideas

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Profitable Renting Business Ideas – Looking for profitable renting and leasing business ideas? Do you want to start a renting business with small or big investment? If yes, you are at right place. In this post, I will be sharing 10 Most Profitable renting and leasing business ideas.

You must be thinking that why it is lucrative to start renting and leasing business. There are several reasons behind it. There are many people who cannot afford product or equipment, but they can pay the rent. The other reason is an occasional requirement of essential equipment which can be addressed by taking equipment/device/product on rent.

There are two types of products that are involved in the renting or leasing business. Movable assets and immovable assets. The capital requirement depends upon the product you select for the rental business. Make sure to carry out research before starting renting business.

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List of 10 Profitable Renting Business Ideas

ATM Space Rental

ATM Space Rental or retail space renting is most profitable business option. A retail space is always in demand. Banking organization always look for ATM space for ATM network expansion. Hence the demand of ATM space is very high. If you have enough capital you can plan to start ATM space rental business.

Audio Equipment Renting

High-end audio equipment always remains in demand. Any function such as domestic, social or corporate requires public address system and audio devices. If you have expertise in identifying and managing audio devices you can start audio equipment renting business.

Bus Rental

Bus Rental is a profitable business at the place where domestic travel is growing. This business demands substantial capital investment. People opt for bus rental for tourism and social functions like marriage.

Car Rental

Car Renting is the traditional business. This business has grown multifold due to Uber and Ola. Apart from normal car renting, luxury cars are also in huge demand. If you have capital for the investment you can start own car rental business.

Construction Equipment Renting

One of the high capital intensive business is construction equipment renting. A demand of construction equipment is at peak due to real estate and infrastructure development. Construction equipment’s are costly hence a majority of developer and company prefer to take these type of equipment on rent.


Decorators deal with the supply of decorative materials, chairs, stage, and other social function related items. These types of items are always in demand especially during marriages, party, political party, conference etc. Thus starting own decorator business is a profitable affair. You need to invest a lot of money to start this business.

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Fancy Dress Renting Business

Fancy dress renting business is low-cost investment business. Fancy dresses are usually in demand at school for celebration of several events and even during several social functions. You can start own fancy dress renting business and earn a lot of money.

Medical Equipment Renting Business

Specialized type medical equipment such as a waterbed, wheelchair, and walker are usually in demand. The client mostly prefers these types of equipment on rent as the requirement is for a limited period. This makes medical equipment renting business a lucrative business option.

Office Space Renting

Good Office space are always in demand. If you have a provision of huge capital you can start an office rental business. You need to select space carefully preferably nearby market.

Office Equipment Renting

Office equipment renting is another lucrative business idea. This business can be started with a moderate investment. Many start-up companies opt for office equipment on rental. Thus office equipment renting is a very good business option.

What do think about renting business ideas mentioned above? Do share your feedback in the comment section given below.

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