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How to pre-validate bank account for Income Tax e-refund?

pre-validate bank account

How to pre-validate bank account for Income Tax e-refund? – The Income-tax department has started a new initiative of e-refund. Now onward income tax refund will be directly credited in your bank account. To get e-refund, your bank account must be linked with your PAN card. Apart from that you also need to pre-validate bank account with income tax via e-filing portal. If your PAN is not linked with your bank account you need to complete this exercise soon.

In this post, I will share complete information about checking PAN linkage with bank account and process to pre-validate bank account using e-filing portal of Income Tax.

How to check & Link your PAN with Bank Account?

Firstly, you need to check if your PAN card is linked with a bank account or not. You can use the following methods to check PAN card linkage with Bank account.

  • Log on to your bank account using internet banking id. In the profile section, you will be able to see the detail of the PAN card linkage.
  • You can visit a bank branch personally and ask bank executive about the status of PAN card linkage.
  • Few banks provide app where you can check the status of PAN card linkage with a bank account.

If your PAN card is not linked with your bank account, follow the steps given below.

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Option 1 – Online Update PAN card using Net banking website

  1. Log on to your bank account using internet banking ID and password.
  2. After logging to your internet banking account, you need to go to “Service Request”.
  3. Raise the service request to link PAN card. In the service request you will be asked with personal information such as name, date of birth, PAN card number and registered email id.
  4. After verification bank will link your PAN card with your bank account.

The process given above will change from bank to bank. The time required for linking PAN is also different.

Option 2 – Offline Update by visiting Bank Branch

  1. Visit the bank branch where you have bank account.
  2. Fill and submit KYC (Know your customer) application form at a bank branch.
  3. After verification bank will link your PAN card with your bank account.

How to pre-validate bank account for Income Tax e-refund?

Option 1 – Pre-validate bank account on Income Tax Portal  

After the bank account is updated with your PAN, you can pre-validate your bank account on e-filing website. Steps for pre-validating bank account for e-refund are given below.

Visit Income tax department’s e-filing portal – https://www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/home login to e-filing portal by providing your User ID and password.

Once logged in go to Profile setting from Top menu and click on “Prevalidate Your Bank Account” link.

Enter your bank details i.e Bank account number, IFSC, bank name, mobile number and email ID. Your Name, mobile number and e-mail ID should match with detail given in your bank account in order to pre-validate your bank account.

prevalidate your bank account

Click on pre-validate. The site will display message on the screen – Your request for pre-validating bank account is submitted. Status of your request will be sent to your registered email ID and mobile number.

It will take 24 hours to verify and validate bank account. You can check the status by going to profile setting and prevalidate bank account.

Once your account is validated, Income tax refund if any will be credited directed to your pre-validated bank account.

Option 2 – Using Net banking website for validation

Go to your Internet banking portal and login using your registered User ID and Password.

Visiting E-Tax or Tax center or similar facility given by Net Banking website. Select e-verify option given for validation. Select the PAN and Bank account for verification. You will be redirected to Income-tax department e-filing website of the income tax department.

Your bank account will be validated and ready for e-refund.

If you have not validated your bank account you should do it now at Income tax website to get e-refund (if any).

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