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Nominee NPS – How to change nominee in NPS online?

Now you can change nominee of NPS account online!

Changing nominee for the NPS account was a difficult job earlier. The subscriber was required to visit NPS POP physically and submit the form for nominee change called as S2 Form. Now this entire process is online. You can change the nominee online with a click of a button. The entire facility is e-sign and OTP based.

Here is step by step guide to change add and update nominee detail in the NPS account.

Nominee NPS – How to change Nominee in NPS Online?

Subscribers need to follow the steps given below to change nomination in NPS online.

#1 Visit CRA NSDL website to access your NPS account.  Log in using your PRAN number and Password. If you don’t know how to register and open NPS account you can go through my previous article – How to open NPS account online?

#2 After login you will be able to see the navigation menu. From the navigation menu click on the option ‘Update Personal Details’ under ‘Demographic changes’ menu.

update personal detail NPS CRA NSDL

#3 Once you click on this menu you will able to see “Subscriber Modification” screen. Under subscriber modification, you will be able to see the following options

  1. Upload Photo and Signature
  2. Opt for Email Annual Transaction Statement
  3. Add/Update Permanent Account Number (PRAN) Form-60
  4. Add/Update Nominee details
  5. eSign Download (Nomination Modification)

Nominee NPS - Subscriber Modification

#4 Kindly select Add/Update Nomination details. You will be prompted with a message –

The Nominee details update functionality requires OTP authentication. You need to ensure that your updated mobile number is registered with CRA and UIDAI (Aadhaar service provider) for OTP authorization. The process of nominee details will be completed after successful eSign and submitting the OTP. Please confirm, if you want to proceed further to Update/Add Nominee details.

Now select the Tier Type for which nomination details need to be updated.

#5 Once you select the Tier Type you will be taken up to a new page called as Nomination detail. The Image screenshot is given below.

Nomination Details

#6 You will be able to see the current nominee detail. If you wish to change nominee you need to input new nominee details such as Name, Major/Minor, Date of birth, Relationship, Percentage Share and address. After inputting details press “Save” button.

#7 Once details are saved and confirmed you need to submit One Time Password (OTP) received on your registered mobile number. It is mandatory to register your mobile number with CRA.

#8 Once you submit One Time Password. You are required to e-Sign to authenticate changes done by you. Click on ‘e-sign and download’. You can also add multiple nominations.

#9 Now you will be taken to a new page of e-signature where you need to e-sign by entering your Aadhaar/Virtual ID. After entering you need to click on ‘send OTP’. You will get OTP on the Aadhaar registered mobile number.

#10 Enter OTP received on your mobile number and click on Verify OTP. After verification, the nomination details will be updated in NPS records. In case your access is under the category of Government/Identified Corporate sector, the authorization is required by the associate nodal office/corporate for updating records.

The entire process given above is paperless and does not require any physical visit to CRA POP. You can do the entire process online with a click of a button.

NPS Nomination rules

Nomination rules set for the NPS account are given below.

  • If the subscriber has family at the time of updating the nominee, the nomination is mandatory in the favor of family members. One or more people from the family can be assigned as a nominee. The total nomination percentage should be 100%. Any nomination made in favor of a non-family member stands invalid.
  • On the marriage of the subscriber, the fresh nomination is required to be made. Any nomination made before marriage in this case stands invalid.
  • If the subscriber has no family member at the time of updating/applying for a change in nomination, he/she can nominate any person as a nominee. However, if a subscriber becomes part of any family at a later stage old nomination becomes invalid. The subscriber is required to add fresh nomination in the favor of one more person from his/her family.
  • If a nomination is made in the favor of minor (child) full or partial, the subscriber can appoint major person of family as guardian. If no major person present in the family, the subscriber may appoint any other persona as guardian of minor nominee.
  • Nomination made in the NPS account can be changed/updated at any time by the subscriber.

Family Members in case of male subscriber means –

  • Legally wedded wife
  • Children Married or Unmarried
  • Dependent Parents
  • Deceased son widow and children

Family Members in case of female subscriber means –

  • Legally wedded husband
  • Children Married or Unmarried
  • Dependent Parents
  • Husband Dependent Parents
  • Deceased son widow and children

In any of the above cases, if the child of a subscriber is adopted by another person by law (adoption is legally recognized) the child shall be considered as excluded from the family of the subscriber.

Over to You

It is very easy to change the nominee in the NPS account online. The entire hassle of changing nomination physically is eliminated. The complete process is online and nominee modification add/remove/change can be done with a click of a button completely paperless.

If you have not changed/added nominee in NPS account, you should follow the steps given above to change the nominee in NPS.

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