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Mudar Patherya Stock Recommendations and Tips for Investment

Mudar Patherya

Mudar Patherya is a versatile person. He is famous as a stock market analyst and columnist. However, very few know that he is cricket writer, communication professional, philanthropist and public space activist. Mudar Patherya is a specialist in identifying penny stocks and micro-cap stocks.Nobody can dispute the proposition that Mudar Patherya has a deep understanding of micro-cap stocks and of what makes them tick.

Few solid microcap stocks recommended by Mudar earlier were Caplin Point, Himadri Speciality Chemical, GMDC, 8 K Miles, HSIL, Somany Ceramics etc. All these stocks have performed very well and given very good return to the investors. So it makes sense to look at stock recommendation given by Mudar Patherya. In this post, we will take a look at stock recommendation and tips for investment by Mudar Patherya.

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Mudar Patherya Stock Recommendations

On the auspicious occasion of Christmas, Mudar Patherya has recommended five stocks for the investment. All these stocks are expected to give very good returns in the future.

Automotive Axles  –

AutomotiveAxles is first stock recommended by Mudar. Automotive Axles is in the business of automotive ancillary. The company is on the verge of being debt free. The company has a lot of surplus cash. The management of the company is very good. The fundamentals of the company seem to be strong.

Jindal Saw

Jindal Saw is in the pipe manufacturing business. The increasing demand for Ductile Iron pipe is beneficial for this company. As per Mudar valuation of the stock is very low. The increase in revenue and decline in interest outflow are two positive points for Jindal Saw.

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MIRC Electronics

MIRC Electronics is one of the favorite stock of Vijay Kedia. MIRC Electronics YOY performance is not so good. However, Mudar is positive that management efforts and hyper-competitive electronic market will surely help this stock.

Dixon Technologies

Dixon Technologies is not a well-known company. Very few people know about this company. Dixon Technologies financial performance is very good. The company is expanding its business and entering into manufacturing of television and washing machine. Low working capital cycle and strong fundamental is a positive side of this stock.

Godawari Power

Godawari Power is another stock recommended by Mudar. The dramatic increase in profit margin and revenue is a positive side of this stock. Interest outflow is steady. Market cap is modest. Anytime this stock can surge to a new level.

Stock Market Tips by Mudar Patherya

  • Fundamental of Stocks – One should look at a number of factors such as revenue, growth, interest cover before investing in the stock. The stock should be fundamentally strong. It should be base on investing in any stock.
  • Management of Company – One should assure that management of the company is top-notch, honest and competent. They should be able to turn around the fortunes.
  • Basket Approach – Investment in micro-cap stock is the high-risk high return game. While the gains can be multifold, the mortality rate of such stocks is also high. One should have balanced portfolio and basket approach while investing in such stocks.
  • High quality less known stocks – A style of Mudar is different. He always suggests a high quality less known stock. The chances of getting a good return on these stocks are very high.

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