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30 Low-Cost Business Ideas for Startups in India 2024

Are you planning to start a low-cost business but don’t know where to start? Are you wondering how to find low-cost business ideas that will bring you quick success and profitability?

If you are searching for small business ideas, consider yourself as lucky. Your search ends here.  Here is a list of 30 low-cost business ideas for startups in India.

As we know low cost is a relative term. A cost that is low for some may be high for others. So, to make it crystal clear I am going to share business ideas that can be started with an initial cost of Rs.10,000.

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30 low-cost business ideas for startups in India – 2024

  1. Tuition Class

The first low-cost business idea is starting a home-based tuition class. It is a lucrative business idea that can give you a good income. You just need to invest money to buy a whiteboard and marker pen. You can offer tuition to individual students or in large groups. You need to be knowledgeable in the subject you are intended to teach. You can advertise your business by mouth-to-mouth marketing or social media.

  1. Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing or MLM is the next low-cost business, which can be started with a small capital of Rs.10000. MLM is also known as referral marketing. In this business, you need to sell the product of a network marketing company by making new members under you. You will get a commission for selling products and making members. This business has very good earning potential provided you work systematically and dedicatedly.

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  1. Tea Coffee Shop

Starting a tea or coffee shop is next on the list of low-cost business ideas. In this business, you need to rent a small place or stall for opening a tea stall. You will also need raw materials for making tea and coffee. For quick success, your shop should be near a college or a business place.

  1. Fast Food Joint

You might have noticed that fast food joints are almost always filled with customers. This is because most of the people are fond of fast food. It is one of the sure-shot successful businesses. To open up your own fast food joint, you need to invest money in renting the place. You need to get permission from the local authority to start the business. If your rent is Rs.5000 per month, you can spend the rest of the amount on buying raw materials and groceries. If required you can go for a higher budget.

  1. Travel Agency

Travel agency is one of the best business ideas with low investment. The travel industry is an evergreen industry. People across the world travel a lot for various purposes. In order to help them with lodging boarding and travel you can opt to start your own travel agency. A low-cost option of home home-based travel agency is tying up with a host agency. They will help you to get the IATA number faster. They will also help with back-office operations. You will only receive a commission for the customers.

  1. Photography

The next business idea is starting professional photography. A professional photographer is in demand today. In this business, you just need a high-definition camera. If you are already in possession of a camera your investment amount for this business would be less than Rs.10000. You just need to invest your time in learning professional photography and marketing your business.

  1. Tiffin Services

Tiffin Services is among one of the most promising business ideas. Most of the working professionals have no time to cook food at home. However, they prefer homemade food. If you have the expertise to make good food at a low cost you can start a tiffin service business. The only investment required for this business is the salary of middle man delivering the tiffin.

  1. Lime Soda Shop

Lime Soda Shop is the next low-cost business idea. In this business, you will need to pay rent for shop space. Other than this, the only big investment you need to do is the soda maker and the raw materials required for making soda. It is a low-cost low-return business.

  1. Candle Making

Candle making is a home-based low-investment business. Candles are used for religious purposes and as a decorative item. It is very easy to make candles at home. You just need paraffin wax and colors to make colorful candles.

  1. Insurance Agency

An insurance agency is a low-cost low-risk part-time business idea. As an insurance agent, you require quality such as good communication skills, convening power, and knowledge. The income of an insurance agent depends on several policies sold, the amount, and the type of insurance policy. You can first start with life insurance and later enter into the general insurance business.

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  1. Hand Made Gifts

There is a tradition to give a gift on every occasion and people prefer handmade or customized gifts. If you are creative and make various gift items at home you can start a handmade gift business at home. Once your business is established you can open your own store online or offline.

  1. Mobile Repair and Recharging

The mobile repair and recharging business is next on the list of low-cost business ideas. Before starting this business, first, you first need to learn mobile repairing. It is recommended to do a course on mobile repairing. The investment required for this business is very low. You just need a small place and kit for repairing your mobile.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best low-cost business ideas. It is a proven fact that one can earn a lot of money from blogging. Several bloggers are already living their lives on blogging. You need to take a domain name, and hosting space for starting this business. The investment required for this business is less than Rs.10000.

  1. YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel is a small investment business provided you have a laptop and computer with a good internet connection. In this business, you need to make and upload unique videos on YouTube. Once your channel gets popularity and fulfills certain criteria you can apply for the YouTube Channel partner program. As a YouTube Channel owner, you can earn a lot of money. However, it takes a lot of time and hard work to make money from YouTube.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very good side business that can be started without any investment. In affiliate marketing, you need to become an affiliate of various online stores or products to help them sell their products. You will be paid a commission on every sale. This idea is suitable mostly for a blogger or online geek.

  1. Online Bakery

If you have skills in making bakery products such as cakes, biscuits, and cookies, you can think of starting an online bakery.  You need to invest money to buy a domain name and hosting space. You also need to arrange for the person who can take care of delivery.

  1. Online Store

Like an online bakery, another small investment business idea is starting an online store. In this business, you need to tie up with local stores to sell their products on your portal. This means the order will be taken by you but the delivery part will be taken care by the store. You will be working on a commission basis.

  1. Event Organizer

An event organizer is also known as an event manager. The task of an event organizer is to manage events effectively. This includes evaluating venues, meeting sponsors, scheduling performances, looking for audio-visual and food requirements for events, etc. The start-up cost of starting this business is low. However, to get quick success in this business you need to be very good in communication and networking skills.

  1. Wedding Consultant

A wedding consultant or wedding planner is hired to plan and coordinate the wedding celebration. The business start-up of wedding consultancy can be started at a low cost. In this business, you need to assist the bride or groom with the work related to weeding. It requires experience and expertise to become a wedding consultant.

  1. Used Book Store

A used book store or second-hand book store is a lucrative business option that can be started with Rs.10000 or even less. You just need to take shop on rent and purchase numbers of book from other bookseller. The business model of this business is very simple, buy second-hand books at low cost and sell at higher price.


  1. Cooking Class

Cooking class is another small investment business idea. If you are a housewife expert in cooking you can start a cooking class at home. You may need to buy some specialized equipment like an oven, tandoor, chopper, etc. You may need to take training to improve your culinary skills in making specialized food such as Thai, Chinese, Italian, etc.

  1. Dance or Music School

Another start-up business that can be started with a low investment of Rs.10000 is a dance or music school. In this business, you just need a suitable space for starting a business. You may need to learn dance and music before starting this business.

  1. Gardening Service

Gardening services is a very good business idea. Gardening services include landscape designing, Lawn, water, and soil analysis, garden decoration, and vertical gardening services. These types of services are required at corporate and at home. You have to learn gardening services before starting this business.

  1. Mobile Auto Garage

Mobile Auto Garage is the latest business that can be started with low investment. You need to keep mobile manpower/repairers for this business. It is a good business idea because car breakdown takes place in the area where garage service is not available.

  1. Real Estate Agent

If you have good communication skills you can become a real estate agent. A real estate agency is one of the highly profitable business ideas that can be opened with a capital of Rs.10000. In this business, you need to help people find the right property for rent or sale. You can earn a hefty commission from every transaction.

  1. Placement Agency

The placement agency is a popular home-based business idea. In this business, you just need data on candidates looking for a Job. Just refer a candidate to the company and get a commission out of it. It is a very good small business idea.

  1. Custom Made Chocolate

If you are an expert in making chocolate you can start a homemade chocolate business. You need chocolate recipes, utensils, cookware, molds, and packing materials to start this business. You need to tie up with shopping malls or small shopkeepers to purchase your chocolate.

  1. Paper Plate or Cup Making

Disposable paper plates or cup-making is the next low-cost business idea. You can make handmade plates or plan to purchase a plate or cup-making machine. The demand of disposal paper plates and cups is very high thus starting paper plate and cup making would be a lucrative business option.

  1. Investment Advisor or Agent

To work as an investment advisor first, you need to become a registered investment advisor at SEBI. The fee for applying for RIA is Rs.5000. You need to thoroughly understand the investment market and options such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and IPOs. It is recommended to gain experience before applying as an RIA.

  1. Used product Sale

Many people want to sell used products and buy new ones. Thus starting used product sales is a lucrative business option. You require a suitable place to start this business. After successful establishment for a few days, you can also think of an online presence.

Over to You –

Please remember that big capital is not always required for starting a business. You can start a business with low capital. It is good to have soft skills such as communication skills, financial knowledge, leadership, and innovative thinking for getting success in the business.

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