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Lenskart Success Story and Business Model

Lenskart, India’s top eyewear seller became the most popular brand due to Peyush Bansal and Shark Tank India. Lenskart has impressed both consumers and industry professionals with its exceptional success narrative. Lenskart has evolved from a small start-up to a key player in the eyewear industry, showcasing the power of entrepreneurial vision and creative business tactics. In this post, I will share details about Lenskart’s Success story and Business Model.

Lenskart Success Story and Business Model

Lenskart Success Story and Business Model

Lenskart Establishment

The inception of Lenskart can be traced back to 2010, when Peyush Bansal, Amit Chaudhary, and Sumeet Kapahi established the company with a goal of transforming the eyewear sector in India. The parent company of Lenskart is Valyoo Technologies.

Founder of Lenskart Peyush completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 2006 with a focus on IT, Control & Automation at McGill University in Canada. Prior to going back to India to pursue a postgraduate degree in Management from IIM Bangalore, Peyush worked as a Program Manager at Microsoft for one year.

He noticed the eyewear industry and it motivated him to create his own. Thus the underlying problem statement of this company was limited choices and expensive prices of eyewear at regular stores, the creators recognized a chance to shake up the industry by launching an online platform featuring a diverse selection of eyewear at affordable prices.

Early Struggles

In its initial stages, Lenskart encountered many obstacles typical of most startups. Doubt from investors, difficulties in logistics, and hesitancy from consumers were among the challenges that the company needed to address. Nevertheless, the founders stayed determined in their quest for success and kept on innovating and adjusting to evolving market behaviors.

Lenskart Company Details

IndustryEyewear, Opticians
Founder and CEOPeyush Bansal, Amit Chaudhary and Sumeet Kapahi
HeadquartersFaridabad, Delhi NCR, India
Employees2700+ (2024)
Annual RevenueINR 3780 CR (2023)
Products & ServicesPrescription glasses, Contact Lenses, Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Business Model of Lenskart

Lenskart follows a multi-channel approach, combining online sales with physical stores and unique subscription offerings.

Physical Retail Stores

Lenskart has a wide-reaching network of brick-and-mortar stores strategically positioned in busy locations throughout India. These stores allow customers to test eyewear and get tailored help from skilled staff, improving the shopping experience.

Online Platform

Lenskart also has a strong online presence, allowing customers to easily shop for eyewear from home in addition to visiting their physical stores. This strategy of omni-channel ensures that Lenskart serves a wide range of customers with different preferences and shopping behaviors.

Subscription Model

One of the distinctive features of Lenskart’s business strategy is its creative membership program, Lenskart Gold. Members pay a set monthly cost to receive a variety of eyewear options and special discounts on buying and services.

Revenue Streams of Lenskart

Lenskart makes money from different sources, mainly from selling eyewear products and additional services.

Sales of Eyewear Products

The main source of income for Lenskart comes from selling eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and other optical products. Lenskart has a wide range of products for various customer groups and budgets, helping the brand to secure a large segment of the eyewear market in India.

Eye Check-up Services

Lenskart provides complete eye examination services at their physical stores, along with selling glasses. This extra service brings in income and also provides an added benefit, drawing in customers in need of expert eye care solutions.

Subscription Fees

The subscription model, Lenskart Gold, generates continuous income for the company. Lenskart builds a consistent income by providing premium products and services to subscribers for a set monthly fee, which also helps in creating loyal customers.

Lenskart Strategies & Approch

Technological Integration

A crucial element contributing to Lenskart’s triumph is the smooth incorporation of technology into its functions. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology like virtual try-on tools and AI-driven recommendation engines, Lenskart improves the shopping experience for customers and simplifies its internal processes.

Growth Strategies

Lenskart is using a combination of aggressive marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, and innovative product launches to drive its growth. Lenskart has diversified its product offerings to include contact lenses and eyewear accessories in addition to eyeglasses and sunglasses, allowing the company to reach a wider customer base and enter new market sectors. Additionally, the company has concentrated on developing a strong distribution system, incorporating both online and offline channels, to guarantee a wide reach and easy access for its clientele.

Market Presence

Lenskart is clearly established in the eyewear industry. Having a solid online presence and an expanding network of physical stores throughout India, the company has effectively positioned itself as a popular choice for eyewear products. Furthermore, Lenskart has promptly taken advantage of new trends like the growth of e-commerce and the increasing favor towards online shopping, strengthening its position in the market.

Customer-centric Approach

Lenskart’s success is rooted in its steadfast dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. The company prioritizes providing a customized and easy shopping experience, offering services like at-home eye exams and virtual try-on technology. In addition, Lenskart’s attentive customer service team promptly resolves any concerns or questions raised by customers, building trust and loyalty among its customer base.

Innovations and Offerings

Lenskart is recognized for its innovation and offerings in the eyewear industry, frequently launching new products and functionalities to meet changing consumer tastes. Lenskart provides a variety of choices, from anti-blue light glasses to personalized frames, catering to all tastes and requirements. Additionally, the company’s emphasis on affordability and accessibility has increased the availability of eyewear to a broader range of people, which has led to additional growth and expansion.

Competitive Landscape

In a fiercely competitive market, Lenskart has been able to create a unique position for itself by offering innovative products, utilizing aggressive marketing techniques, and providing superior customer service. Despite facing strong competition from both established and new players in the online market, Lenskart has consistently surpassed its competitors and remained the top player in the eyewear industry.

Lenskart Funding

Lenskart has raised a total of $1.76 Billion in funding over 20 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on 21st July 2023. In the last round Lenskart raised $18.2 Million (Series J Funding). The first funding of Lenskart was done in Oct 2011 when the company raised $4.1 Million in Series A Funding

Global Expansion

Encouraged by its achievements in the Indian market, Lenskart is now aiming for global expansion. The company has already started to establish a presence in markets like Singapore, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, and is looking to expand even more in the future. Lenskart plans to expand its success worldwide and establish itself as a key player in the global eyewear sector by utilizing its well-known brand and successful business model.

Impact of Lenskart

Lenskart has made a significant impact on the eyewear industry not only in terms of financial success. The company has been instrumental in making eyewear products more affordable and accessible to people from all backgrounds, democratizing access to them. Furthermore, Lenskart’s focus on innovation and putting customers first has established a higher level of quality in the industry, prompting other competitors to do the same.

Future Prospects

Lenskart is on a positive growth path, leading to a promising future for the company. With a solid footing and a definite outlook for the future, Lenskart is in a good position to take advantage of upcoming opportunities and overcome any obstacles that may come its way. Lenskart is positioned to influence the eyewear industry in the future by remaining committed to its core values of innovation, customer satisfaction, and technological excellence.

Learning from Lenskart Success

  • Untapped Market – In business, you should find opportunities or untapped markets and create a solution around them. Lenskart identified a gap in the eyewear market and capitalized on it by offering a wide range of eyewear products at affordable prices. 
  • Technology Usage – You should do innovation and leverage technology for your business. Lenskart leveraged technology to enhance the shopping experience for its customers, with features such as 3D virtual try-on tools and AI-powered recommendation engines.
  • Brand Building – You should focus on brand building & marketing. Lenskart invested in building a strong brand presence through strategic marketing campaigns and partnerships. 
  • Aggressive Expansion – Make sure to expand your business as and when required. Lenskart pursued aggressive expansion strategies, both geographically and in terms of product offerings.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Focus on customer satisfaction. Lenskart prioritized customer satisfaction by offering personalized services such as home eye check-ups and responsive customer support. 


In conclusion, The success of Lenskart demonstrates the strength of vision, innovation, and determination. Lenskart has gone from being a small startup to becoming a major player in the eyewear industry globally, completely changing the game along the way. Lenskart has revolutionized the eyewear purchasing experience and redefined retail excellence by remaining loyal to its core values while being open to innovation.


Does Lenskart only sell eyeglasses and sunglasses?

Lenskart offers a wide range of eyewear products, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and eyewear accessories.

Can I try on glasses before buying them online?

Yes, Lenskart offers a virtual try-on feature that allows you to see how glasses look on your face before making a purchase.

Does Lenskart offer home eye check-ups?

Yes, Lenskart provides home eye check-up services in select cities, allowing you to get your eyes tested from the comfort of your home.

Are Lenskart’s products affordable?

Lenskart is known for offering high-quality eyewear products at affordable prices, making them accessible to a wide range of customers.

Does Lenskart ship internationally?

Yes, Lenskart ships to select international destinations. You can check the website for more information on international shipping options.

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