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ICICI Expression Debit Card

expression debit card

ICICI India’s Largest Private sector bank has recently launched new product called as Expression Debit card. Expression debit card is personalized debit card it allows you to choose the design to be printed on your card. Select your own picture and apply on debit card. It also allows you to select picture from gallery containing 200+ pictures.

How to Apply for ICICI Expression Debit Card?

  1. Select card design from ICICI Bank Expression gallery or Upload your own picture on ICICI site. Remember your image must be at least 460×240 pixels and no more than 10MB in size.
  2. On successful selection of image, you need to verify yourself by entering your debit card number and ATM PIN.
  3. On successful authentication, system will ask your account detail and generate request for your ICICI Expression Debit card.
  4. Request number for your card will be forwarded to your register mobile number and e-mail ID.
  5. Please note you should avoid copyrighted or trademark images.

Expression Debit Card Features

Apart from giving uniqueness Expression Debit card provide following features.

High Daily Spend Limit

Normal ICICI Debit card gives you cash withdrawal facility up to 40,000 Rs/- per day. Expression Debit card extends this limit you can avail facility of withdrawing 1 Lac per day. It also enhances your daily purchase limit at retail outlets.

Zero Surcharge on Fuel

Fuel surcharge of 2.5% is not applicable on fuel spends of 401 and above at selected fuel outlets.

Complimentary Insurance Cover

ICICI Expression Debit card provides complimentary Air Accident Insurance of 20 Lac, Personal accident insurance of 10 Lac and Purchase protection of 2.5 Lac.

Rewards and Voucher Benefit

ICICI Expression Debit card will provide you Wills Lifestyle Voucher worth or 500 Rs/- as joining benefit. Expression coral card offers 2 movie tickets free per month. Expression Coral card holders also get 2 times free entry in Airport Lounge. 15% Discount on dining at selected restaurants. Expression Debit card holder will get 6 PAYBACK Reward Points for every Rs. 200 spent at retail and online merchants in India.

Zero Liability Protection

Zero Liability Protection is unique feature which protects your Debit Card against unauthorized purchases on loss, theft or misplacement.

Expression Card Types

Expression debit card is available in three flavors. Expression Debit card, Expression Coral Debit Card & Expression paywave NFC Card. For Expressions & Pay wave NFC card Joining and Annual fee is 499 Rs/- each. For Expression Coral Debit card Joining and Annual fee is 799 Rs/- each.

What is your View on ICICI Expression Debit Card?  You will be applying for it?

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