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How to double your salary – 10 proven ways

Imagine how good it is if your salary gets doubled? It’s really exciting right! Well, our desires are unlimited and salary is limited, it’s a common problem of every salaried people. If you are a salaried person you have two options either limit your desire or increase your salary. If limiting desire is not your cup of tea only option left with you is increasing your salary.

It may sound impossible to double your salary at the first instance. However, there are practical ways to drastically increase your paycheck. I have used it and fortunate enough to increase my salary in few years.

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So, today let’s explore 10 proven ways of doubling your salary.

How to double your salary – 10 proven ways

1. Leverage

Do you know why CEO of company paid more? The reason is they produce a more valuable result because of leverage they have. So, the first way to increase your salary dramatically is to increase your leverage. Develop an ability to do more with less.  It is not an overnight process, you need to learn more skill and achieve the result required by your company.

2. Maximize Your talent

Everyone has some specific skill set or talent. You need to identify and maximize your talent as per the requirement of your organization. If you can able to enhance your talent as per your employer requirement you can double your salary.

3. Take Initiative

The third way to increase your paycheck is by taking initiative. Go beyond your job description. Accept the new projects and responsibilities. Make your employer realize that your presence is important for the organization. Go extra mile be it overtime or extra work.

4. Be a Team player

You should act as a team player by helping other in doing their job. Always offer help to boss and coworker as and when required. As a team player, you are increasing your chance to double your salary.

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5. Adopt New Role

Another way is to stay open minded and ready to adopt a new role. You cannot double your salary by doing the same thing forever. You need to take up new role add more responsibility and manage more people to increase your paycheck.

6. Change your profile or Industries

The next proven way to double your salary is to change your job profile or industries. If you feel that your current job profile or industry is not likely to pay you more salary you can change your profile or industry. However, you need to do a lot of hard work for doing so.

7. Develop new skills

The next way to double your salary is by developing new skills. A new skill will make your more valuable and your chance of getting salary rise will be more.

8. Keep your boss happy

Another way to increase your paycheck is by keeping your boss happy. Always complete a job in time. Your boss should never complain about you & more importantly you should be an asset to your boss and your organization.

9. Demonstrate strong work ethics

You should demonstrate a strong work ethics and integrity in order to increase your paycheck. Complete your work with accuracy. You should be a dependable resource for your organization.

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10. Change Job

If all above ways do not work for you the last way to double your salary is by changing your job. It is easy to negotiate your salary while you are changing your job. If possible go for big companies with a higher position as big company and higher position will lead to better paycheck.


Over to you –

If you are living your life only on paycheck you should adopt the proven ways given above for doubling your salary.

Do you think above ways will help you in increasing your paycheck?

Do share your view and experience in the comment section.

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