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Fyers Vs 5Paisa Discount Broker Comparison – Review

Fyers vs 5Paisa – Fyers and 5Paisa both are leading discount brokers in India. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Fyers is popular as a technology-focused discount stockbroker. Fyers offers trading with flat brokerage fee across all segments. Fyers provides trading in equity, cash, F&O, and currency derivatives segments.

On the other hand, 5Paisa is the fastest growing discount broker in India. 5Paisa also offers a flat fee per trade. 5Paisa allows a trader to trade across equity, currency, commodity, insurance, and mutual funds.

Let’s compare Fyers and 5Paisa Discount Broker side by side to know which one is the best discount stock broker Fyers or 5Paisa.

Fyers – Review 

Fyers is among one of the cheapest stock brokers online. Fyers stands for “Focus Your Energy & Reform the Self”. Thus you can expect better services from Fyers.

Fyers offers trading with a flat brokerage fee of Rs.20 per executed order. Fyers is a technology-oriented discount stock broker that offers a high-performance trading platform accessible over the web as well as mobile.

Fyers Key Features 

  • Thematic Investment with Single click with over 100 themes
  • Advanced charting features with multiple indicators
  • Inbuilt Stock screener facility
  • Portfolio Tracker and Simulator
  • F&O Analysis Tools
  • Real-time market-wide analytics
  • FII/DII data including global market performance information 

Fyers Charges

Category Fees
Equity Delivery NIL
Equity Intraday Trading Rs. 20 or 0.01% (whichever is lower)
Equity Options Flat Rs.20 per order
Equity Futures Rs.20 or 0.01%(whichever is lower)
Currency Options Flat Rs.20 per order
Commodity F&O Flat Rs.20 per order

Fyers Account Opening Charges 

Account opening is FREE.

No Annual Maintenance Charges

Demat Debit Charges – Rs. 10

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Fyers Trading Platforms  

Fyers One 

Fyers one is a desktop trading platform that allows you to do real-time analysis of your stock. You can trade with a click of a button using this platform. This platform allows you to create multiple watchlists for your favorite stocks. This platform provides you 60 different technical indicators for the analysis of market trends. You will also get an advanced charting and FnO analysis tool for deeper fundamental and technical analysis.

Fyers Markets

Fyers Market is a mobile trading app available for android as well as iOS platforms. This app offers multiple features such as faster trading, multiple screeners, preloaded options strategies. Instant order placement and order book update is very food feature of this app. This app also allows customers to transfer funds from Fyers Market App.

Fyers Web Trader

Fyers Web Trader is a web version platform. You can make use of this platform on desktop, mobile as well as tablet. Fyers Web Trader provides advanced features such as chart analysis, price ladder analysis etc. You can trade or execute orders from the charts. It also offers portfolio tracking, future & options strategies etc.

Fyers Pros

  • Technology Driven High-Performance Trading Platforms
  • Low Brokerage Charges
  • Fyers offers thematic Investing option
  • Allows Automated Trading
  • Easy to understand pricing structure
  • No Fee charged for account opening
  • API Integration available 

Fyers Cons

  • No Option for Commodity Trading
  • No Option for investment in bonds, Insurance, and Mutual Funds
  • No Toll-Free Customer Service Available

5Paisa – Review

5Paisa is one of the oldest and fastest-growing discount broker in India. 5Paisa provides a facility to open instant paperless trading and demat accounts. 5Paisa is famous for its lightning-fast trading and advanced mobile application.

5Paisa offers a demat account with zero brokerage. You can trade-in equity, commodities, derivates, futures and options, currency, etc at just Rs.20 per trade.

5Paisa Features

  • Online Trading at BSE, NSE, and MCX
  • Offers different accounts for trading and mutual funds
  • Online Investment in Insurance and Mutual Funds
  • Three different plans for traders
  • Flat brokerage and easy to understand the fee structure
  • Multiple trading platforms with good user interface

5Paisa Charges 

5Paisa offers three different plans. Details are given below.

Optimum Platinum Titanium
Stock Delivery Rs.20 per order Rs.10 per order Free
Stock Intraday Rs.20 per order Rs.10 per order Rs.10 per order
Stock F&O Rs.20 per order Rs.10 per order Rs.10 per order
Commodity F&O Rs.20 per order Rs.10 per order (For equity options Rs.2 per lot) Rs.10 per order (For equity options Rs.2 per lot)
Call & Trade Rs.100 per call Free Free

Trading Account Opening Charges – Rs.650 one time

Trading Account AMC – NIL

Demat Account Opening Charges – NIL

Demat Account AMC – Rs.540 per year

5Paisa Margin  

Category Margin
Equity Intraday Trading Up to 20x
Equity Delivery Up to 4x
Equity Futures Intraday Trading 3.5x
Equity Options Intraday Trading 1x
Currency Futures Intraday Trading 1x
Currency Options Intraday Trading 1x

5Paisa Trading Platforms   

5Paisa Mobile App

5Paisa offers a wonderful mobile trading app. You can do trading at BSE as well as NSE on the move using this app. This app also provides robo advisory on the mobile app. The interface of this mobile app is simple and easy to use. You can buy stocks, trade-in stock, currency, future, and options as well as mutual fund using this app. It is a user-friendly app with very good performance.

5Paisa Web Trading

5Paisa also offers web trading via the website. You need to open 5Paisa website and log in using your computer, laptop or mobile device. The web trading platform everything under a single domain. You can do trading in equity as well as investment in bonds, insurance, etf etc. The web trading platform is integrated with payment gateways and banks for real-time fund transfer

5Paisa Trade Terminal 

5Pasia Trade Terminal is another trading platform provided by 5Paisa. Trade Terminal is a platform for advanced traders. This tool provides real-time data, advanced charts with indicators, and multiple other tools for monitoring the market and ordering on a real-time basis.

5Paisa Pros

  • Online Paperless Account opening
  • Low and Fix Brokerage Charges
  • Easy to use advance trading platforms
  • Very good support and services

 5Paisa Cons

  • 5Paisa does not offer Demat & Trading account for NRI
  • Call and Trade is chargeable in the optimum plan

Fyers Vs 5Paisa Discount Broker Comparision 

Fyers or 5Paisa


Fyers is a relatively new stockbroker and focusing more on technology and innovation. If you are looking for only equity trading you may think of Fyers. However, if you are looking for a complete platform that provides facilities of mutual fund investment as well as the insurance you should go for 5Paisa. It will help you to manage and track all your investment in a single place.

*Note- All information given above is collected from the stockbroker website as on 15/6/2020. The account opening charges, margin, and other fees, etc can vary from time to time. You are requested to refer stockbroker websites for the same.

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