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30 Food Business Ideas with low investment

Food Business Ideas – Embarking on a culinary journey? Whether you’re passionate about crafting delectable dishes or savoring every bite, these Food Business Ideas are tailor-made for you. Discover a compilation of 30 innovative and budget-friendly concepts to kickstart your culinary venture. As you delve into the world of food entrepreneurship, it’s crucial to equip yourself with knowledge about food safety and handling practices relevant to your business.

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30 Food Business Ideas with low investment

1. Restaurant

First food based business idea is a restaurant. The business of restaurant requires intensive investment and meticulous planning. In addition to this, you require a good chef for cooking food. The time requires for getting success in the restaurant business is high.

2. Bakery

The second food based business is a bakery. In order to start this business, you should be very good at preparing recipe related to bread and biscuit. You can start this business at small scale or at large scale.

3. Catering services

If you have very good planning and people handling skill you can start your own catering service business. Initially, you may find it difficult, but gradually you will be able to cope up.

4. Chocolate making

If you love making chocolate this idea is for you. Chocolate making business can be started with low cost. You can even start this business from home.

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5. Cooking Class

The best-suited food based business idea for ladies is cooking class. This idea can be started from home. The investment requirement for this business is very low.

6. Food Truck

The mobile food business is one of the most popular and growing food business ideas today. This business can be started with low cost. You just need a suitable vehicle and raw material for starting this business.

7. Ice cream shop

The next food-based business idea is ice cream shop. It is an evergreen business idea. This idea can be started with low investments. It is a good idea to take franchises of famous ice cream company.

8. Juice Shop

The next food-based business idea is Juice Shop. You can club this business with your ice cream shop or even you can start separate Juice shop.

9. Farsan Shop

The concept of farsan and namkeen is very famous today. People are fond of farsan and namkeen. They usually prefer readymade namkeen and farsan instead of cooking at home. This makes farsan shop lucrative business idea.

10. Sweet Shop

Another lucrative food based business idea is a sweet shop. Sweet always remain in demand at every festival & occasions. Thus starting a sweet shop could be very good business. However, you need to study the market before starting this business.

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11. Dairy

The next food business idea is dairy. You can either take franchise of big company like Amul, Mother dairy or you can plan to make your own milk-based products.

12. Fast Food Shop

Fast food shop is one of the most popular food business ideas today. Teenage people usually prefer fast food in breakfast or in dinner. Here also you have an option to take franchise of big company.

13. Chines Food Shop

You can also plan to start your own chines food shop. Make sure to conduct a proper market survey before starting this business. You should prefer area near college or university to start this business.

14. Organic Food Shop

Health conscious people prefer organic food nowadays, especially in metro areas. This gives me inspiration for new business ideas of the organic food shop.

15. Papad Making

Papad making is small home based business idea. Papad making can be initiated by any individual with low capital investment. Papad is thin wafer type product used as a supplement with other food.

16. Pickle Making

The next home based small scale business idea is Pickle making. This business can be started with a small investment. Pickle is a most popular item. Apart from domestic consumption, pickle has export potential also.

17. Jam Jelly Making

The food based business of jam and jelly making can be started from home with low investment. Jam & Jelly are preferred as a bread spread or on cake and cookies. It is a profitable business.

18. Biscuit Making

Another profitable food based business idea is biscuit making. You can start this business from home or even you can setup your own biscuit making automated plant also.

19. Sauce Making

The sauce is generally used as bread spread as well as with fast food items. There are different types of sauce like soy sauce, tomato sauce etc. Based on market demand and capital requirement you can start this business.

20. Dessert Shop

A best and most popular food business idea is dessert shop. Cake and Dessert are preferred item in every party if you can able to make a cake with variety and taste this business is for you.

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21. Grocery Store

The Very basic food based business idea is a grocery store. Anyone can start this business with a small shop. You need to carryout research before starting this business.

22. Nutrition Coach

If you are good at maintaining fitness and food habit, you can become a nutrition coach. You need to take proper training before starting this business.

23. Coffee Shop

The culture of drinking tea and coffee is increasing nowadays. It gives birth to a business called as a coffee shop. The investment required for this business is moderate.

24. Grain processing

Grain processing business like rice mill, flour production requires a massive investment. If you have a knowledge and capital you can start your own grain processing business.

25. Food Delivery Service

The first online food business is food delivery business. In order to start this business, you need one domain name and tie up with a famous restaurant in your area. You need to charge a commission for food delivery.

26. Fruit & Vegetable Mart

Another basic food based business is fruit and vegetable mart. You can start this business in wholesale or in retail.

27. Honey processing

Honey processing is actually removing wax and other foreign unwanted particles from honey. You can establish the processing unit by two ways. Either by the manual system or by electrically driven.

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28. Meat or Sea Food Processing

The process product of meat and sea food are always in demand. In this business, food is processed chemically. This business idea requires a big capital investment.

29. Popcorn or Wafer Making

Popcorn and Wafer are popular snacks among every age group. You can start your Popcorn or Wafer making business with low cost. However, you need to put lot of efforts on marketing.

30. Agriculture

The last food based business idea in the list is agriculture business. If you deal in bulk it could be a profitable business idea.

Over to you –

I hope above food business ideas will help you in order to establish your own business.

Did you own food based business?

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