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20 Education Business Ideas with Low Investment

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Education business is an evergreen business. You will never find recession in the education business. This is mainly due to growth in population, increase in the income level of people and awareness about education. There are many business opportunities in the education industry. In this post, we will take a look at 20 Education Business Ideas with low investment.

20 Education Business Ideas with Low Investment

Home Tuition

A first education business idea is home-based tuition class. A home based tuition can be started with very low investment. You just need expertise in the subjects which you are planning to teach. It is a lucrative business option for the individual.

Coaching Class

Coaching Class is another lucrative education business. The investment required for this business is based on the scale of operation. You need to decide location decide subject and fee structure. Make sure not to compromise with quality. A success of this business depends on efforts placed by you and your team.

Play School

Playschool is a very good business option. You need to take a license for opening play school another alternative is taking franchise of play school. Make sure to be creative while making a play school. At playschool you need to teach a student with creativity.

School Bag Making

School Bag Making business is attractive education business. As it is manufacturing business investment required for this business is moderate. Firstly, you need to understand the process of manufacturing school bag and raw material required for this business. You need industrial stitching machine along with the chain and few decorative item/printing devices to make school bag.

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School Uniform Making

Next education business idea is school uniform making. Every school has a unique uniform and student needs to compulsory follow it. Thus starting a school uniform making business could be a very good option. You can start this business from home. It is one of the easiest business options.

School Stationery Business

A school stationary items such as pencil, ball pen, stapler, colors, notebooks always remain in demand. Thus starting a school stationary business make sense. You can start this business with low investment. This business does not require expertise.

Spoken English School

If you have expertise in the English language you can think of starting own spoken English school. You can start this school from home also. The success of this business depends upon your expertise and marketing skills.

Computer Class

Next education business idea is starting a computer class. In this business you require suitable place and number of computers. You may need to recruit computer expert to help you out. It is highly successful business and you can earn reasonable money via computer class.

Open a Bookshop

Every students required to visit Bookshop for buying a book. This makes bookshop very good business option. The investment required for this business is moderate. A success of this business depends on location. It is advisable to open bookshop nearby school area.

Printing Press

If you have knowledge about printing technology you can think of starting your own printing press. You need to print book and other printing material in your press. Investment required for this business is moderate.

Online e-library

Next education business is online e-library. In this business, you need to convert all physical book in to electronic format. You need to give library membership with subscription amount. It is growing business option.

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Paper and Notebook manufacturing

Paper and Notebook manufacturing is another business option. Notebooks and papers are widely used in office and schools. You can start your own business of paper and notebook manufacturing. Investment required for this business is high.

Stationary item manufacturing

You can also become manufacturer of stationary items such as ball pen, pencil, stapler etc. You require good understanding of manufacturing before starting this business.

Education Project Business

College students are always looking for help for making final year project. If you are innovative and ready to help students you can start your own education project business. It is very good lucrative business option.

Customized Education Material

Next education business is making your own customized education material. You need to be exceptionally well at making education material. Once this material is ready you need to commercialize it by selling it in the market.

Youtube Channel as Education Instructor

If you are good at explaining things you can become Youtube Star by starting your own education channel. You need to make videos and help children in understanding various topics related to study. Once your youtube channel is popular you can apply for channel partner program for showing advertisement on your videos.

Drawing School

Creative people can start own drawing school at home. Many parents place their children in drawing school. This business can be started without any capital. You have to be very good at drawing to start this business.

Sports Institute

Next education business is starting sport institute. This type of business can be capital intensive for an aspiring entrepreneur; you would need money to rent a facility, purchase different type of sport kits. Success rate of this business is moderate.

Career Planner/Guide

Career planner is extremely knowledgeable person, who helps parents and student in deciding right career option. Career Planner charge fix money for providing guidance. Career Planner business can be started without any investment.

Teacher Training Institute

Teacher training institute for Montessori teachers is the good business to start. The gross profit margin in this business is very good. However, you need to check your state law before starting the institute.

I hope 20 Education Business Ideas will help you in starting an education-related business. This list is not complete. There are many other education businesses which are not listed here. I will try to add those in future.

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