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How to Download Pre-Filled XML ITR from Income Tax Website?

Now you can download Pre-Filled XML ITR (Income Tax Return) file from Income tax website.

As 31st July is nearby, all of you must be preparing for filing Income Tax return. This year income tax return filing will be very easy for taxpayers. You can download pre-filled ITR XML for ITR 1, 2, 3 and 4 for AY 2019-20. For other ITR it will be launched shortly.

It is a welcome move by the income tax department. It will help taxpayers to get rid of the tedious process of filing ITR form manually. On click of a button, the XML file can be downloaded and used for filing Income Tax return. In this post, I will share complete information about How to Download Pre-Filled ITR XML from Income Tax Website for AY 2019-20?

How to Download Pre-Filled XML ITR?

Follow the step by step guide given below to download Pre-filled ITR XML from Income tax website.

  • Login to Income Tax E-filing portal using user ID (PAN card number) and password.
  • On the navigation bar click on My Account. You will be able to see various menus. Click on Download Pre-filled XML.
  • You will be able to see following screen asking to select assessment year and ITR form. Kindly select 2019-20 and choose ITR from which you want to file. You have options to select ITR1, ITR2, ITR3, and ITR4.

Income Tax Prefill XML

Press the continue button. In the next page, you will be able to see all your bank account. You need to select Account for Refund Credit. Select the account and click on “Download XML” button.

Download Prefill XML

You will be prompted with “Prefill Consent” – I Agree to check all the pre-filled data (personal, income, deductions, bank account details) and make necessary changes to report the correct detail.”

After downloading XML you need to import this XML file to ITR offline utilities JAVA or Excel to prefill details. The complete information about downloading ITR utility and importing XML file is given below.

Following information will be Pre-filled in XML –

  • PAN, Name, Date of birth shall be prefilled from PAN database.
  • Address, Aadhaar Number, mobile number, and e-mail ID will be prefilled from e-filing profile. You need to update your e-filing profile before proceeding.
  • Employer details, allowances, and deductions shall be prefilled from Form 24Q, Annexure-II.
  • Gross rent received or receivable or letable shall be prefilled from Form 26AS.
  • Details about interest from a term deposit, dividend and other income chargeable under income tax law shall be prefilled from Form 26AS.
  • Bank Account details shall be prefilled from e-filing profile or past income tax data.
  • Tax payment, TDS and TCS details shall be prefilled from Form 26 AS.

This means you will have a complete income tax return ready. You just need to verify and add missing details if any before filing.

After downloading pre-filled XML, logout from the portal.

How to Import Pre-Filled XML in ITR Utility?

Please Go to the download section at Income tax e-filing website and download IT Return Preparation software.

  • Once ITR excel utility is downloaded, Open ITR excel utility. In PART – A General Section, you will find a button called “Import General Info, Income, Deductions and Tax details from Prefill XML”. Click on that and you will be warned that this action will overwrite your existing data filled in ITR form. Click on OK button.

Import prefill XML

  • Select the XML file downloaded from Income tax website and you are done.

Your ITR form is ready. You need to verify the form completely before processing for ITR filing. Once you find everything in order you can file your ITR online at the Income-tax site.

I have done testing for few cases and it is found that this option works well in capturing data from e-filing profile and Form 26AS, but if information about 24Q, Annexure-II is not filled up or not correct salary and deduction related information cannot be filled automatically.


Prefilled XML is a unique facility launched by the Income-tax department. It will surely help taxpayers to file income tax return quickly as it reduces steps to fill up details. However, taxpayers need to be careful about information automatically filled up in XML form.  A filing wrong information in ITR will lead to several complications.

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