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Composite Claim Form – EPF withdrawal Death Cases

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Recently EPFO has launched Composite Claim Form for EPF withdrawal in death cases. The new composite claim form for the death cases is a replacement of Form 20, Form 5-IF and Form 10D. In last week EPFO has launched EPF composite claim from for all type of EPF withdrawals with or without signature. (Refer – New Single composite claim Form for EPF Withdrawal) However, there was confusion about usage of composite claim form for the death cases. Now, this confusion is removed. A New composite claim form is issued for EPF withdrawal in the death cases.

A nominee or legal heir of the deceased member can withdraw EPF, insurance claim and pension using this form. This will simplify a current process of EPF withdrawal.

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Composite Claim Form – EPF withdrawal Death Cases

The screenshot of Composite Claim Form applicable in death case for EPF withdrawal is given below.

composite claim form

A nominee or legal heir of deceased member has to provide following mandatory detail in the form.

  • Name of deceased member
  • Selection that Form is filled for PF withdrawal, EDLI or for Pension
  • UAN number or PF Number
  • Particulars of the claimant/Nominee
  • Bank account detail in case of PF, EDLI and Pension
  • Full postal Address of Claimant

Download Composite Claim Form – EPF withdrawal Death Cases

Process of EPF Withdrawal in Death Cases

Process Before –

In the earlier process, a legal nominee or legal heir need to submit three different forms for EPF withdrawal, EDLI Insurance and for EPS for Pension. Form 20 was used by legal heir or nominee in order to claim EPF withdrawal in deceased case. Similarly, Form 5 -IF and 10D was used for EDLI Insurance claim and pension. The respective form was filled and submitted to EFPO for settlement.

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Process Now –

Now entire process is simplified. One single form is required for all three purpose. You need to select the purpose and submit composite claim form to EPFO for settlement.

composite claim form

Documents required while submitting this form are as below.

  • Death Certificate of deceased member
  • Joint photograph of all the claimants
  • Birth certificate of children claiming pension
  • Copy of canceled cheque or attested copy of the first page of bank Pass Book

This form can be used by both UAN and Non-UAN based employees EPF accounts. This form can be used although Aadhaar number of the subscriber is not defined in the system.

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