Top Mutual Funds for SIP to Invest in 2018 post LTCG

LTCG has become a devil for the mutual fund and stock market investors. Investors are confused that they should continue investing in or stop investing and stay away from the market. Many people are approaching experts to get an answer to this question –  How to avoid or reduce impact of LTCG? Well, as per me investor can take following steps to reduce impact of LTCG. Stay Invested for long term in Aggressive Top performing Mutual Funds like SBI Small […]

3 Ways to invest in Direct Mutual Funds Plans

Direct Mutual Fund is a boon to the mutual fund investor. Investment in direct mutual fund always gives better return because of the lower expense ratio. So, it makes a sense to consider direct mutual funds as an investment option. However, very few people know about direct mutual funds. So, today let’s try to demystify direct mutual funds and method to invest in direct mutual fund plans. What is direct mutual funds? Direct mutual fund is special category defined by […]

Top 5 Small Cap Mid Cap Mutual Funds – 60% return last year

Mutual Fund is one of the best investment options for the wealth generation. Mutual funds can even surpass the return given by model stock portfolio of stock market experts. You may be surprised to note that there are 5 mutual funds that have generated above 60% absolute return in last one year. If you could have invested any one of them you could have generated big corpus by now. For Example – One year back if you had started investing […]

Model Mutual Fund Portfolio for 2018

A Model Mutual Fund Portfolio means a perfect portfolio suitable for everyone. However, in the real life, there is nothing called as a perfect mutual fund portfolio. The reason is financial goals, risk profile and investment preferences of every individual are different. So, the portfolio building exercise includes multiple factors such as the age of investor, financial goal, risk profile, time horizon etc. Let’s try to understand the basic process of building a Mutual Fund Portfolio. How to build a […]

Best ELSS Tax Saving Mutual Funds 2018-2019

Which are Best ELSS Tax Saving Mutual funds for 2018-2019? Which ELSS Mutual Fund is likely to give a better return in 2018? Well, before answering these question let’s try to understand the concept of ELSS. ELSS is tax saving mutual fund. The full form of ELSS is equity linked saving scheme. One can claim deduction under 80C up to 1.5 Lakh for the amount invested in ELSS. Any extra amount beyond 1.5 Lakh does not qualify for 80 C […]