India Taxes and life of common man

Taxes are paid nations are made. Taxes are good for our country. One should pay tax honestly. You must have heard these sayings many times. India is developing country, the tax amount is used for building nation (infrastructure & other development), to increase arms, ammunition for defense of the country and for other welfare-related work. Everyone should pay taxes. We believe in this philosophy and pay tax honestly on time. Thus, taxes are now an inseparable part of common man’s […]

Narendra Modi Effects on Stock market and your Personal Finance

In hopes of Achhe Din (Good Days) everyone has voted for Narendra Modi and helped him to win the election. Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India three years back. Since then he started working for our country. A lot of work has happened in these three years. Not only Modi government even common man also started working for the country. Starting from submitting old currency note in a bank to unique identification Aadhaar lot of work […]

5 New Rules for Aadhaar Card & Banking

An importance of Aadhaar Card and Aadhar Number is increasing dramatically. As per new rule, Aadhaar card is made as mandatory document along with PAN card for Income tax and banking purposes. In addition to that, 5 new rules related to Aadhaar card and banking is added. These new rules will help the government to increase tax compliance, it will also help to control black money. Let’s take a look at 5 new rules for Aadhaar card and its effect […]

No Income Tax in India – Modi’s Next move

Imagine how good it is if Income Tax is abolished in India? No tax means more money to every individual. You must be thinking is it a joke or what? Well, it is not a joke. No income tax in India is expected to be Modi’s next move. After demonetization of old high denomination notes, the government is expected to roll out next economic reforms and No Income tax could be one of them. Let’s discuss how this dream can […]

Proof – Tax Evasion Tax Avoidance and black money are common in India

One reader recently posted a comment on the blog asking- He has 1 Cr black money. How to convert it to white? I simply answer him that fastest way to convert this money into white is declaring it and paying tax on it. I am sure that he must be cursing me. However, it is known fact that Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance, and black money are very common in India. Now, guess how many people actually pay Income Tax in […]