Me-Gold – Digital Gold Option by Motilal Oswal

Me-Gold is new Digital Gold Investment options introduced by Motilal Oswal. Indians are fond of gold. Gold yellow shining metal is one of the most favorite options for the Indians. Gold is purchased by us at every auspicious occasion like marriage, birthday and festivals. There are multiple ways to invest in gold which we have already discussed on our blog. Today we will discuss Me-Gold Digital Gold Option by Motilal Oswal. Key Features of Me-Gold Motilal Oswal Gold Plan Purity […]

MCX Gold Option – How it works?

MCX Gold Option is a new financial instrument. It will act as a hedge against fluctuation of gold prices. So, if you are interested in doing hedging of gold this instrument is for you. Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) has recently launched this instrument. In this post, we will try to understand MCX Gold Option. We will also take a look at options contracts and futures contracts. What is Gold Option – How it works? Gold Options Contracts is […]

Gold Jewellery on EMI – Is it a good option?

Gold Jewellery on EMI – On the auspicious occasion of Diwali many Jewelers and online portals are offering the facility of buying Gold on EMI. They know that Indians are fond of buying yellow metal gold on Diwali. In order to lure customers companies are offering various schemes. Now you need not worry about increasing cost of Gold. You can buy your favorite jewelry on EMI. Let’s take a look at How Gold Jewellery on EMI works? How Gold Jewellery […]

Paytm Digital Gold – How to Buy Sell Digital Gold?

Digital Gold is an another way to hold gold in digital form. Digital Gold enables users to buy gold online with a click of a button. Digital Gold can be purchased from Paytm in India. The first love of Indian is gold. Gold is precious, auspicious and purchased for every special occasion like marriage, festivals etc. Gold is also purchased as a part of an investment. Traditional ways of purchasing gold has a few hassles like – Getting best price […]

Gold Price Prospective 2016 and beyond

Gold a yellow shining metal is back in action again. Gold Price is increasing since beginning of year 2016. It is perhaps best start for the Gold in last decades. Gold has beaten almost all asset class including equity and mutual funds in past three months. You might be surprised that from January, 2016 gold has given return of 22% to the investor. In January 2016 gold price was Rs 2250 per gm and today gold price is Rs 2750 […]