5 Reasons to Leave Job and Start business today

Leave your job and start the business today. It is most common advice given by everyone. However, very few follow this advice. The main reason for not following this advice is traditional approach taught to us in the school. Go to Shcool, get a good degree and find out a job for your survival. If your job is stressful, inconvenient and not paying enough money time has come to leave your job and start a business.Here are few convincing reasons […]

20 Online Data Entry Jobs from Home

One of the simplest ways to earn extra money is data entry job. You can work on online data entry jobs and easily earn Rs 30000 to Rs.50000 per month. Your income from online data entry jobs depends on the type of work, your typing speed and time spent by you. If you want to earn extra income online here is 20 Online Data Entry Jobs for you. You can start this job from home without any investment. Go through […]

How to become rich while doing a job?

Can I become rich while doing a job? Or I need to start my own business to become rich? I recently received this tricky question in my mailbox. My first thought on this question was one cannot become rich while working for someone else. However, starting a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many people still prefer steady paycheck as they are happy and comfortable working for the boss, who pays their monthly bills. So, what is the solution? […]

15 Tips to Survive a Job Loss condition

A Job Loss condition is quite common today. My friend recently lost a job. He was in IT sector and he could not withstand the layoff. He is struggling to get a new job and also fighting to bring his finance in order. If you have recently lost your job and you are passing through bad time. Here are tips that will assist you to address your financial compulsion and keep your credit score intact, until you get your job […]

40 Part Time Jobs from Home Online & Offline – No Investment

Here are 40 best part time jobs from home online & offline with zero investment. These part time jobs can help you to make extra money by working only for few hours a day. The list includes both online and offline part time jobs. If you have knowledge of IT and internet you can go for online jobs else, you can opt for offline jobs. 40 Part Time Jobs from Home Online & Offline Online Part Time Jobs Social Media […]