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Business or Job it’s your choice – True Story


In world, you will find two types of people. One who prefers to be a master by doing a business and second who prefers to be a slave by doing a job. Well, doing a business or a job is an individual choice. However, we find that people preferring jobs are more compared to business. There are many reasons for this but one main reason is we are being trained to do a job from childhood times.

Go to school, get a good degree and degree will give you a good job. Once you get a good job your life will be set. This is a common philosophy of Indian middle-class family. From the childhood days, many of go through this job minded philosophy and its impact us a lot. Once we grow up we only keep one target in our mind – “I want to get a good job”. Nothing wrong in getting a job, a job can earn you a good income and you can live a good life. However, if you opt for a business you can earn a lot of wealth and live a luxurious life.

Let’s try to understand difference between Job and Business with true story of me and my friend.

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Business or Job it’s your choice

I and Sunil is a friend from the school days. From the beginning, my target was to get a good job. So, I completed my engineering and got a job. Sunil was dull in a study he completed his graduation in commerce.

Today when I was returning to home from my regular job, my colleague requested me to have some food at nearest food shop before going home. I was completely exhausted due to hard work at a job but decided to accompany him.

We visited one nearby food shop where famous Mumbai type vada pav is being sold. The shop was full of customers. We order two plates vada pav and waiting for our turn. Incidentally, I saw Sunil sitting at the cash counter. It was surprised to see Sunil at the food shop. It was like a reunion of two old friends at the food shop. I and Sunil started our conversation.

vada pav food shop business

Photo of Food Shop

Sunil asked me that what I am doing?

Me: I am doing a job in MNC Company as a Manager. Sunil was quite impressed.

Sunil: Cool! You must be earning handsome salary man.

Me: Yes

I asked Sunil what about you? Sunil said I started this food shop one year back.

Looking at vada pav shop I simply ask Sunil what do you get by selling these Vada pav?

Sunil: I get 7.5 rupees for each Vada pav that we sell.

Me: “Oh, is that so? How many Vada pav do you sell on an average each day?”

Sunil: “On weekend and on peak days, we sell 600 vada pav per day. On an average, we sell about 400 vada pav a day.”

I was stunned and speechless…..for a few seconds. 400 vada pav per day means he is earning Rs 3000 per day and around 1 Lac rupees a month by selling just vada pav at the food shop. OMG!

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I was unable to speak a single word more but Sunil continued…
“But one thing…most of our earnings are spent on living expenses and shop expense. Only with the remaining money I am able to take care of other business.”

Me: “Other business? What is that?”

Sunil “It is share market business. In 2007 I bought shares of some blue chip companies like L&T,Infosys, Lupin etc. I invested 10 lac rupees. I sold some shares a few months back for 25 lakhs. I reinvested some amount via mutual funds and bought gold from remaining amount.

Sunil: Further said I am planning to start one new food shop but not getting time.

Sunil: What are your plans?

Me: Well I am doing a job and planning to continue that.

At this point, what could I reply? After all, I was talking to a True Indian Businessman.

We completed our vada pav dish and departed from each other.

On that day, I could realize that small business of food like vada pav can also earn you a big money.

Moral of story
BE AN ENTREPRENEUR and start your own business.

Above story is dedicated to all parents who believes in the job philosophy and set job as a target for their children. They should change their mindset, rather than giving a job as a target to them explain them an advantage and disadvantage of business and job. Let them decide what they want to do?

Business or Job it’s their choice.

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