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15 Best work from home jobs

Work from home jobs is among one of the promising career options. Work from home jobs offers multiple benefits like – you can do your job wherever and whenever you want, you have the flexibility of working hours, you can spend more time with your family etc.

Looking at the benefits of work from home jobs, you must be excited to start your work from home job. To help you to find the best work from job I have prepared 15 Best Legitimate and real work from jobs ideas.

These work from home jobs ideas are suitable for everyone who wants to earn a decent income including students and housewives.

You just need good Wi-Fi internet connectivity and Laptop to get started with online work from home job. So, let’s begin.

work from home jobs

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15 Best work from home jobs  

A list of best work from home jobs are given below.

Ad reading jobs from home

One of the simplest work from home job is Ad reading jobs. In this job, you will be paid for viewing an advertisement. The amount paid for viewing advertisement varies from website to websites. These types of sites are known as PTC sites (Pay to Click Site).  The websites that offer ad viewing jobs are plenty. I use Clixsense for making money by using Ad reading jobs. You can earn on an average $50-$100 per month using Ad reading jobs.

Online Survey Jobs from home

If you love to give your opinion about products survey jobs are for you. In survey jobs, you need to complete small surveys along with your feedback. You will be paid $1 to $5 for a single survey. You need to spend daily 5 to 30 minutes to earn a decent monthly income. You can use Swagbucks to earn money from the survey.

Virtual Assistant

Next work from home job is a virtual assistant job. In this job, you will be acting as a virtual assistant to the client. Your daily task will include job such as typing e-mails, doing data entry, making travel arrangements, organizing calendar, meetings etc. You will be paid on the hourly basis. You can get virtual assistant jobs on the job portals freelancer and indeed.

Online Data Entry Operator

Online Data Entry job is prototype job where you just need to do fix set of data entry work. For most of the people, data entry job is a boring job. You can only get the comfort of work from home in this job. The earning in this job is limited based on time spent by you on completion of a job.

Captcha Work

Captcha Work is next work from home idea. It is an interesting work in which you need to solve the captcha and you will be paid money for solving each captcha. Your speed in solving captcha will determine your income level in this job.

You can use a website such as CaptchaTypers and MegaTypers website for earning money by solving the captcha.

Online Tutor

Online teaching is another lucrative online career option. If you have a knowledge and you are good at teaching you can start this job. There are many websites which offer a job as an online teacher. CueMath is one of them where you can earn up to Rs.40000 per month.

Web Developer

Another work from home job is a web developer. To become a web developer, you need to have programming skill and technical knowledge. You may opt for a Web Developer Course, which will help you to become a web developer. You can get a project online on freelancer websites. Alternatively, you can also promote your business by creating own website.

Travel Agent

Travel Agent is very good work from home job. As a travel agent, you need to associate yourself with an online portal such as Yatra, Make My Trip etc. You will be paid commission on per ticket booking. Apart from that, you can also think of starting your own home-based travel agency.

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Technical Support Specialist

There are many call centers that hire call based technical support specialist who can solve their problem remotely. If you have IT background or technical and analytical ability to solve the problem remotely you can become technical support specialist. You need to find out call center or companies looking for your services.


A person knowing multiple languages can opt for the job of translator. As a translator your job is to translate document from one language to another language. Additionally you are also responsible for checking and proof reading document. You can find translator job from online portal Up Work. Translator can earn $50 – $150 per month.

Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer is upcoming career option. As a social media influencer you need to create interesting content that engage audience and increase fan followers. If you have management and marketing skill along with technical skill you can become social media influencer. You may need to undergo proper training before starting.

Website or Code Tester

A person with technical background or IT knowledge can become website or code tester. Your task would be doing application code testing or website testing. You can get website or code tester job online from job portal. This job can earn you money in the range of $100 – $500 per month.

Call Centre Representative

Call centre representative is next work from home job. In this job, you will be acting as customer support person. Your task would be providing company and product specific information. In some cases you will be also responsible for solving customer problems.

Freelance Writer

The freelance writer is next work from home job. This idea can help you to earn $500 per month. Elance, Freelancer, and Copyblogger are websites that can offer you online writing jobs. You can even tie up with bloggers who are looking for web content writing services.


Blogging is a popular way to earn money online. Blogging requires a lot of patience, knowledge and time. In blogging, you need to create a blog, publish articles on relevant topics and increase organic traffic. You will be paid for the advertisement placed on your blog. You can earn more than $1000 per month via this idea.

I hope work from home jobs given above will help you in earning decent income.

The list given above is made after doing extensive research, if you feel that this list can be expanded by adding more work from home jobs feel free to add it in the comment section.

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