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Top 5 Best Online Transcription Jobs Sites for 2020

Online Transcription Jobs

Transcription jobs are online jobs that pay you money for writing transcription. Transcription means listening to audio clips and converting it into text format. It requires good command over the language you are transcribing. There are thousands of people making money online using online transcription jobs. You can easily make $500 to $1000 via transcription jobs. You require following skills/qualities to hire yourself as an online transcriptionist.

  • Fast typing skills at least 60 words per minute.
  • Good command over languages.
  • Excellent grammatical skills and punctuations.
  • Knowledge about the niche in which you want to become a transcriptionist.
  • Extremely good listener and accurately converting conversation into text.

So, if you have above skills or ready to develop the same. Here is a list of Best Online Transcription Jobs for 2020.

Types of Transcription Jobs

There are multiple types of transcription jobs. You can select from these online transcription jobs based on your skills. The types of transcription jobs are given below.

Financial Transcriptions Financial transcriptions jobs are suitable for a person with finance background or knowledge. In this job, you need to convert talks between bankers, economists, financial experts.

Legal Transcriptions –  Legal transcriptions job are for people with a legal background. In this job, you need to make a summary of talk between client and advocate. Sometimes it is related to converting legal debate.

Medical Transcriptions Medical transcriptions is a job for people with medical knowledge. In this job, you need to create a summary of talk between doctor and patient, health care provider and medical staff.

Technical Transcriptions Technical transcription is a job for people with a technical background. Here you need to transcribe a summary of technical talks between engineers and experts. 

Prerequisite of Transcription Jobs 

The prerequisite of starting transcription jobs are given below.

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Internet connection with high speed and reliability
  • Headset with microphone
  • Good command over language including grammar
  • Good or Top transcription companies or online portal for offering job.

Here are some of the best online transcription jobs portal for 2020.

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Best Online Transcription Jobs for 2020 


TranscribeMe is one of the best transcription sites. This site offers the job of transcription, translation, data annotation, and speech recognition.  This site is free to join. You need not pay any registration fee or training fee. Once you join you will get an assignment for converting audio. You will get $15 to $22 per audio hour. The payment will be received in the PayPal account based on work completion every week.

You have the option to select language while registering on the site. You need to complete a training course and exam before completion on the registration process. Sometimes it takes time to register you as a transcriptionist.


Rev is the most trusted and popular site for transcription. This site offers services like transcription, rough draft, English captions on videos, foreign titles on videos and translation services. You can join this site as a transcriptionist or captioner.

Here you need to listen to audio or video and type what is said in the audio or video. You will get $0.30 to $1.10 per audio/video minute. You need to take a quiz. The quiz result will be used to evaluate your skills in English and grammar.   


CastingWords offers transcription jobs. These jobs are offered to freelancers. You need to transcribe, edit and complete jobs online on this site. You will be paid $1 per audio minute. The payment will be made via PayPal on every week.

You will get badges on the completion of tasks. The badges level will help you to get more assignments and a higher pay level. 

Transcription Hub

Transcription Hub is one of the best transcription job site. You will get different types of transcription services such as education, medical, legal, translation, and insurance. You can earn a lot of money using this site. Registration on this site is free.

On registration, you need to submit your work for the evaluation. You will get on boarded once your work is approved. You will be able to reach to various levels such as gold, silver, bronze on completion of work.


SpeakWrite offers online transcription jobs. You need to fulfill minimum requirements to become a transcriptionist. This site offers job only for USA and Canada resident. You can earn average $3400 per month on this website. In addition to the English language, this site also offers jobs for the Spanish language.

Over to you

If you are serious in establishing yourself as a transcriptionist you need to develop suitable skills required for this job. Once you develop the required skills you can join on the above website for the online transcription jobs.

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