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122 Best Business Ideas that you can start in 2024

Best Business Ideas – Today, many young and dynamic people are planning to start their own business. As they want to have two, three career options in their life span. However, due to a lack of good business ideas and resources, they avoid starting a new business. To help them in starting a new business, I am here with a list of 122 best business ideas that can be started in 2024.

Starting from small scale to medium-scale, online to offline, low investment to big investment all business ideas are cover in this post.

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So, explore the world of best business ideas and select a suitable business option based on your skills and investment capacity. Work hard, build your brand with excellent products, put a lot of effort into marketing and possibly provide excellent customer support. I am sure you will be successful in your business endeavor.

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For better understanding, I have categorized these business ideas into the following categories.

# Low Investment Business Ideas

# Medium Investment Business Ideas

# High Investment Business Ideas

122 Best Business Ideas You can start in 2024

Low Investment Business Ideas 

#1 Accountancy  

Account keeping or accountancy is one of the best and evergreen business options. In this business, you need to prepare an income statement, financial reports, balance sheet, monthly and quarterly statement of a business. Few businesses also ask accountancy firm to work for tax return preparation.

You need to be experienced in finance and accountancy. You need to undergo training or course related to accountancy. 

#2 Tuition Class  

Starting a tuition class is one of the best and one of the most popular business ideas. It is a home-based business where the investment requirement is very low. You need to teach students about various subjects. You can start a general tuition class for all standards or you may go for tuition class for specific standards.

You should be good at teaching skills to start this business. You may need to spend money at the initial stage on marketing. 

#3 Tailor 

Tailoring is traditional home-based business idea for women. To start tailoring you just need sewing machine and skills for tailoring. You may join a training class for learning sewing or learn by yourself. Initially, you can start with low-cost home-based order. Once you have got the experience you can plan to open your tailoring shop.

#4 Tiffin Services

Tiffin Services is one of the best food-based business ideas. This business can be started from home. Here you need to make tasty and healthy food and serve it to the customer in tiffin. Many professionals in metro cities opt for tiffin delivery services.

#5 Cooking Class

Cooking class is a small and low investment business idea for women. If you love cooking and make different recipes you should think of starting this business. The investment required for this business is low. However, you need to work hard to establish a cooking class.

#6 Chocolate Making

Chocolate making is next in the list of best business ideas. It is a home-based business. Here you need to make chocolates in various flavors and sell it. You can tie up with a local shop and shopping mall for selling chocolates.

#7 Hobby Class

Hobby class is next in the list of best business ideas. In hobby class, you can teach drawing, craft, music, dance, cursive writing, art, and English. If you are a multi-talented person with teaching skill you can start your hobby class.

#8 Yoga Class 

Yoga Class is a low investment and easy to start a business idea. In Yoga Class, you need to teach various Yoga courses. You can charge a nominal fee for teaching. You will need a small pace to start a yoga class.

#9 English Coaching Class

English is a widely accepted and popular language. If you are professional in the English language you can start your English coaching classes. The English coaching class can be started even from home.

#10 IELTS or Foreign Language Coaching Class 

Learning a foreign language such as French, Spanish is the craze today. Many people want to settle abroad so, they prepare for IELTS and foreign languages. You can apply your expertise in a foreign language or English by starting a coaching class.

#11 Ice Dish & Soda Shop

Ice Dish or Soda Shop business is next in the list. The machinery for Ice dish making or soda making is available at a very low cost. You just need to know how to prepare an Ice dish or soda. You can employ a person as a helping hand.

#12 Interior Designer

Interior Designer is a very good profession. A person with creativity and civil background generally opt for this profession. It is a low investment high return business.

#13 Insurance Agency

Insurance agency is a zero investment business idea. If you have convincing power and if you are good at connecting with people you can become an insurance agent. You can sell health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance and general insurance.

#14 Acting Dance School

The acting dance school is a business idea for the creative person and art lover. If you are good at dancing or have taken formal training for acting or dancing you can start this business. You require a small area to start acting dance school.

#15 Courier shop

Starting a courier shop is one of the best and evergreen business options. You can take a franchisee of the reputed courier company to start this business. The profit margin associated with this business is low.

#16 MLM – Multilevel Marketing  

MLM – Multilevel Marketing is zero investment business. You can join one of the best MLM company as MLM associate and start working part-time. MLM is a very good opportunity to generate passive income in part-time.

#17 Astrology & Palm Reader  

Astrology & Palm reading is a different type of profession. You need to undergo training or course in order to become palm reader or astrologer. You need to work hard for establishing this business.

#18 Match Making 

Match Making is a home-based business for women. This business requires very low investment. You need to gather profiles of people looking for life partners. You can start matchmaking business part-time.

#19 Local Classified

The next low-cost business idea is local classified. You can start your local classified agency. You need to accept advertisements and publish them either in a newspaper or on a local TV channel. You can even design advertisements and charge money.

#20 Investment Advisor 

If you have knowledge of financial planning or you have passed an exam of CFP (certified financial planner) or Investment advisor from a registered body, you can become a financial planner. It is mandatory to register at SEBI as an Investment advisor before acting as an Investment advisor.

#21 Mobile Food Shop

The Mobile food shop is a food-based business idea. This business requires a suitable vehicle and cook to start with. You need to modify the vehicle as per the food truck requirement.

#22 Fast food Parlor 

Fast food has become the first choice for everyone. Therefore, starting a fast food parlor in the center of the city could be a very good business option. You need to serve tasty and healthy food at a low rate to get quick success. 

#23 Ironing Cloth & Laundry Shop 

Almost every household requires laundry & ironing services. Starting an ironing shop nearby residential area is a good option. You just need a small place and helping hand labor to start an ironing shop.  

#24 Candle making

Candle making is a home-based business idea. In this business, you need to make customized fancy & scented candles. You must undergo training before starting a candle making business. 

#25 Soap Making

If you are aware about soap making process you can start soap making business. It is one of the simple business options that can be started at home. In order to succeed in this business, you need to put a lot of effort into marketing your soap. 

#26 Idol Making

Idol making is a seasonal business idea. Festival season like Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja demands a lot of idols. If you are an art lover and know how to make idols you can generate money out of it. 

#27 Plastic Bag Making & Printing 

Plastic bags generally remain in demand. To fulfill the market need, you can start your plastic bag manufacturing making business. You can also include printing business on bags along with manufacturing.

#28 Pickle Making

Pickle making is a home-based business option for women. One can start this business with minimum investment. Only raw material and packaging material is required for starting pickle making. Advertisement and marketing are key elements to succeed in this business. 

#29 Papad Making

Papad making is another home-based business option for women. You just need raw material to start papad making. Initially, you can start papad making at a lower scale and once you get the grip you can start it at a larger scale.

#30 Fruit Jam Making

Fruit and Jam making is next on the list. This type of business is generally suitable in hilly areas, where the cost of raw material (fruit) is low. You need suitable manpower for starting fruit jam-making business.

#31 Career Guidance  

Career guidance & counseling is a booming business in the metro area. Parents usually get confused about the selection of career options for children. They generally seek guidance/support from an expert. If you have expertise in this area you can start this business.

#32 Food catering business 

A food catering business is an evergreen business. Food catering demands very good management and execution skills. You can accept orders for marriages, parties and other events. You should be very good at making food for starting this business.

#33 Recruitment Services 

A Job market is an evergreen field, where an employee seeks employer and vice versa. You can become a recruitment consultant and start your recruitment services. You will be paid commission on the hiring of people by the company.

#34 Real Estate Agent 

A real estate agency is a part-time business with very good earning potential. You will be able to earn commission income on buy, sale or rent of property transaction via you. 

#35 Incense Stick (Agarbati) & Beedi Making 

Incense Stick (Agarbati) & Beedi making is a small scale business option. You can make incense sticks manually or via machine. The manual method is lengthy and less profit-making. You should buy a machine for making Incense sticks for making a good profit.

#36 Pest Control 

Pest Control has become a very good business option. You can provide pest control service for residential, commercial properties. You can go for an annual contract or offer a one-time service. You can go for fumigation, rodent control, mosquito control, termite control etc.

#37 Sweet Shop

The sweet shop is another business. People often look for sweets at a festival time or on occasion. You can serve their need by opening a sweet shop. You require skilled manpower for making sweets.

#38 Coffee or Tea Shop

Tea is the most common drink in India and abroad. Almost every Indian take it twice a day. This gives birth to the business of tea or coffee shop. It is a low investment & high-profit business idea. You require a small place to start tea or coffee shop.

#39 Xerox and Book Binding 

Xerox, stationary and book-binding services are evergreen items. You can take a shop on rent nearby office or school area and start your own Xerox and bookbinding business. You need to purchase xerox machine for starting xerox shop.

#40 Mobile Phone Repair

Mobile phone repair is another lucrative business option. You need to undergo training before starting this business. You can start the mobile repair from home or small shop. You can easily earn around Rs.20000 per month from this business. 

Medium Investment Business Ideas  

#41 Embroidery Business 

Decorated garments with embroidery have a high demand in the national and international markets. Initially, you can start with hand embroidery and gradually go for machine-based embroidery. This business demand moderate investment.

#42 Garment Business

The garment business is an evergreen business option. You can start your garment shop and act as a wholesaler or retailer. You need to do market research before starting the garment business. 

#43 Travel agency 

Starting a travel agency is a very good business idea. People today want to relax and enjoy vacation freely. They don’t want to worry about the ticket, hotel booking, and stuff. They are ready to pay a good amount of money to tour the agency for this. This makes travel agency wonderful business option.

#44 Cleaning services

The cleaning service is the next business idea. Many corporate and big business opt for a cleaning contract with cleaning service provider companies. If you have a labor task force and knowledge about cleaning business you can start this business.

#45 Gardening services 

Providing Gardening service seems to be an odd idea but many companies today opt for good gardening services for up keeping space. This business is booming in concurrence with the business of real estate. You should know about gardening to start this business.

#46 Plumbing Services

Every residential and commercial building requires plumbing services. You can grab this opportunity and start your own plumbing services business. You need to learn plumbing skills through training and experience before starting plumbing services.

#47 Doula Services 

Doula service is a new concept. Doula services are extended to a pregnant lady. In this service trained professional provides emotional, physical and medical assistance to the pregnant lady. The purpose is to help women in a safe and memorable birth experience.

#48 Computer Hardware and Software 

Hardware & software business is for IT professionals. In this business, you need to sell IT hardware such as laptops, desktops, printers, and other peripheral devices. You can also sell readymade software or opt for software development.

#49 Organic Farming 

An organic farm is a profitable and environment-friendly business option. Organic farming is a process where farming of vegetables and fruits is done without chemicals, fertilizer, and pesticides. If you have land you can start producing organic foods.

#50 Dietary consultancy services

The majority of people worried today about the food they eat. They often seek external guidance on eating habits and diet chart. If you have done a course of dietary you can become a dietary consultant.

#51 Mobile garage service

Opening a mobile garage by keeping mobile manpower/repairers is a good business idea. In this business, you need to send a repairer to the customer at the place where car/vehicle breakdown has taken place.

#52 Cricket Coaching class

Cricket coaching is a hobby-based business. If you have taken professional training in cricket and you know the technicality of cricket you can start cricket coaching classes. You require a cricket kit and place to start this class.

#54 DJ Services

Disk jockey service is a part-time innovative business idea. People look for DJ on multiple occasions. If you are very good at music you can rock this business. You will need big speakers, mixtures and music systems. 

#55 A Bakery

Baking items such as cake, bread, biscuits are liked by most of the people. You can start making baked items and selling it. It is profitable business option. You require small rented shop to start bakery.

#56 Vegetable Store  

Vegetable is one of the essential requirement for livelihood. In this business you need to purchase vegetables at lower price and sell it at higher price. You require moderate investment to start vegetable store. 

#57 Saw Mill Business

Saw mill business is next business idea. Saw mill deals with timber and wood material. Here you need to process the wood and make it ready for usage. You need to spend a lot of money in order to procure machinery and hiring manpower. 

#58 Toys Making

Toy making is next business on the list. You require lot of money and working capital for this business. In this business, you need to make toys of different types. Firstly, you need to select your niche and prepare prototype. On trial basis you need to launch toy and see the response. You may need various equipment’s like drilling, punching etc. 

#59 School Uniform Store 

School uniform always remains in demand. In this business, you need to tie up with school and start making school uniform of children in different size and colors. School uniform store is seasonal business that demands moderate investment.

#60 Religious Item Store  

Religious items remain in demand especially in India. You can open religious item store where you can keep religious item such as puja thali, healing products, yantra, shankh, statues etc. You need to make moderate investment to open religious item store.

#61 Pharmacy Store

Getting medical treatment and medicine is vital need today. Opening pharmacy store is very good business idea for certified pharmacy professional. You can earn lot of money from pharmacy store.

#62 Grocery Shop

Grocery is one of the basic requirement for household. This means starting grocery shop is profitable business option. You need to invest heavily in order to start a grocery business. Locating a good space and hiring manpower is another requirement for the grocery store.

#63 Scrap Store 

A scrap store is a business, where you buy scrap material at lower rate and sell it at higher rate. The scrap store is suitable business option or un-skill or semi skill person. Scrap store can be opened with low cost.

#64 Driving Store

The Driving store is evergreen business as we see a number of cars are increasing day by day, more and more people wants to learn how to drive a car. In this business, you need to train people for driving cars. On successful driving you need to help customer in applying for driving license. This business demands a lot of investment.  

#65 Carpentry services 

Woodworking or carpentry is next business option. In this business, you need to make furniture and customized wooden items based on a requirement of client. It is low investment profitable business. 

#66 Wedding Planning

Wedding planners are always in demand. In this business, you need to do wedding planning. All activities related to wedding starting from deciding venue to food everything needs to be done by you. If you have planning skill and staff, you can start your own wedding planning services. 

#67 Baby Care

Today in the metro city we find a lot of working woman & they often find difficult to manage work with kids. If you start a business of baby keeping in the metro city you will surely see success.  

#68 Water Supply

In water supply business, you need to supply water tankers and water bottles to the customer based on order. You can earn a lot of money from this business. You can establish your own water plant for purifying water.

#69 Dairy 

Dairy is among one of the best business ideas. In this business, you need to supply milk, panner, curd and milk related items. Before starting dairy you need to make sure that there is no milk parlor or dairy in your area. 

#70 Auto Spa

Auto Spa shop is profitable business. A clean car looks better and communicates pride. People like driving a clean car and ready to pay money for car washing that is the reason you will find a number of Auto Spa growing today.  

#71 Air Condition and other Appliance Repair

Every home and offices are equipped with air condition. If you are expert or intended to be expert in this field, you can start your own business for Air Condition and other Appliance repairs.

#72 Antique Store 

Rich people spend a lot of money on antique articles and furniture. Starting good antique shop is next business idea. It is

#73 Fish Aquarium Store

It is very good to keep fish tank or aquarium in the home. Aquarium gives pleasant experience and peace. It is even good for Vastu. You can start your own business by opening Aquarium shop. 

#74 Welding or Fabrication Work 

Welding work and fabrication is vast field. If you are from mechanical background and have the right type of labors, you can start welding or fabrication business. The investment required for this business is moderate. 

#75 Advertisement Agency  

Advertisement agency take advertisement from an individual or from the company and display it on hoarding at a public place. Advertisement agency also involved in designing advertisements for the products.

#76 Software Training 

Software Training is lucrative business option. Due to boom in IT and Internet demand of IT professional is very high. If you have knowledge in programming language such as C, C++, Java, .NET, html etc you can plan to start software coaching class.

#77 Gym

Many people believe in “Health is wealth” as they take very good care of health. For the daily workout, they prefer to go to gym or heath club. So, starting a gym in the posh area is advisable. You require moderate investment to open Gym. 

#78 Event Management 

Event management company helps in organizing event such as marriage, party, entertainment event, sport events, religious events etc. From venue to event everything is managed by event management companies. If you have done course of event management and have experienced in event planning, you can think of starting event management business. 

#79 Visa Consultancy  

Visa consultant is person who gives guidance and apply for visa on your behalf. The person with knowledge of visa rules and regulation can become visa consultant. You need suitable place and staff to start visa consultancy business. 

#80 Food Processing and Packaging Company 

Food Processing and Packaging is very good business option. Food processing means processing agriculture product or raw food in to process foods. Once it is processed you need to work for packaging of food. This business requires massive investment for purchasing machinery & raw material. 

#81 Water Purification Plant

Water Purification Plant is another evergreen business. You need to purchase machinery for cleaning water and packing it in the bottle. You require permission from government to start water purification plant. Moreover, you also need labor to start this business.

#82 Money Lender

Money Lender is no work business. If you have a lot of money, you can become a moneylender and start your own lending business. You need to be careful before lending money else, you may lose it. You can use Peer 2 peer lending platform for lending money.

#83 Car Accessories Shop 

New and fancy car accessories are always in demand. Buying a car and using fancy car accessories has become fashion. In order to fulfill this demand, you can start your own car accessories showroom. You require moderate to high investment for opening car accessories shop.

#84 Nursing school

Medical field is growing field and demand of nurses is increasing every day. If you are from medical background and experience in the medical field you can think of starting nursing school. You require license from the government to start nursing school.

#85 Modeling Agency 

A modeling agency is a company that represents fashion models, to work for the fashion industry. A Modeling agency earns income via commission. You require good audio visual equipment and suitable place for starting modeling agency.

#86 Photo Studio 

If you are a photographer, you can start your own photo studio. You require high resolution camera and skill to operate the same.

#87 Stationary Store 

Stationary Shop is small investment business. At stationary shop you need to sell stationary items such as note books, erasers, pen, pencil, glue, scissor etc. The profit margin of stationary business is very low.

#88 Security Agency

Security agency is next business idea in the list. You require professional training and experience to start your own security agency. You need to supply security manpower to the companies and apartments. You can earn good recurring income via security agency business.

#89 Car Pooling Services

Car Pooling is on demand service. In this business, you need to supply car in pool. It is one of the best way to reduce cost. You can make car pooling app for attracting more customers.

#90 Truck Towing services 

In case of breakdown or in accident truck owner seek help from truck tower. In this business, Truck need to be towed to the required destination. This business requires a lot of investment. 

#91 Leasing Car

In this business, you need to lease your car to the customer either on lumpsum or on fix kilometer based charge. This business demands an investment of minimum 5 to 10 lakh. 

#92 Used car and Bike Dealership 

Many people change car and bike too frequently. They always take help from dealer to buy and a sell car. Thus, taking a used car and bike dealership could be a good option for you. 

#93 Packer and Movers

This business needs special skill to pack an entire household into a few boxes. A house-owner will gladly get himself rid of such a headache and let you do it for a fee.

#94 Cold Storage

Here you provide a cold storage facility for the customer. This facility is required to store food items and other perishable edibles.

#95 Pathology Lab

Pathology Lab can be started by pathologist. If you have completed study of pathology and gained experience, you can start pathology services. Most of the doctor rely on test report for offering medicine. This makes pathology very good option.

#96 Electrical Store

Electrical store is medium investment business option. You need to sell electrical items such as tube light, fan, switch board, electrical motors, wires etc. You can even think of providing electrical item repairing at your store.

#97 Call Center

If you have space and willing to invest some money, Business process outsourcing or call center could be another opportunity. You need to be experienced in this field to start call center.

#98 Play Center 

Here you establish an area where kids can play and enjoy their childhood. You need to invest money for the place and development of the area. You may need to purchase attractive toys for children. 

#99 Hardware Store 

Hardware store is a place where you need to keep household hardware items such as fasteners, building materials, hand tools, power tools, keys, locks, hinges, chains etc. Make sure to start a shop in the place which is nearby market area.

#100 Beer and Wine Making 

Beer and Wine making is wonderful business option. Before starting production of beer and wine you need to understand the process and machinery required for this business. You need to avail license from the government before starting this business.

#101 Spa and Manicure 

If you want to do something new you can open a spa. High profile people always look for good spa services and beauty treatment options.

#102 Beer Shop

Opening a beer shop or beer bar is another business. You need to have a license to start this business. You need to purchase all type of beer from the various distributor for this business. Minimum investment in this business would be Rs.15 Lakh.

#103 Vocational School

Vocational training school provides training to a customer like electrical, plumbing, carpentry, machine repairing. You need to take license to start vocational school.

#104 Processed Vegetable Delivery

Process vegetable delivery is becoming popular business nowadays. You can start this business with moderate investment. In this business, you need to deliver processed vegetable (chopped vegetable) at door step. You can earn generate regular income with this income.

High Investment Business Ideas 

#105 Manufacturing Plant

You can start your own manufacturing plant for manufacturing products such as garments, food items, cold drink etc. You need to invest a lot of money to establish manufacturing plant. 

#106 Trailer Services 

Here you need to provide Truck or trailer services to the customer for moving various goods. You will be able to generate a decent income from this idea. This idea demands huge investment.

#107 Crane & Lifting Service

Construction and manufacturing units require crane or lifting equipment. You can offer crane & lifting services to the customer and earn money.

#108 Transportation services 

Transportation services is business, where you need to provide transportation services for material. You need to invest heavily in buying trucks and tempos. You also need manpower for doing transportation.

#109 Car Parking services 

Car Parking services is one of the best business idea. These business can be done on commission basis or based on renting your own car parking space. You need lot of manpower to start car parking services.

#110 Petrol Pump or Gas Station

Petrol pump or gas station is lucrative business idea. You require suitable land and related equipment to start petrol or gas station. The investment required for this business is very high.

#111 Marriage Hall or Party Plot

Marriage hall or party plot is most profitable business that demands one time investment. You need to either use your existing for converting in party plot or purchase new land for party plot.

#112 Luxurious Car Services 

Luxurious car are taken on rent by many rich people for various occasion. If you have extra money can you purchase luxurious car and give it on rent. Many people are making money via this idea.

#113 Imported Furniture Store

Here in this business, you need to open a store of imported furniture. Apart from the suitable place, you need big capital in order to start this business.

#114 Electronic Store

You can also think of opening your own Electronic store. You need to sale TV, fridge, mobile and other electronic items in this store.

#115 Art and Collection Shop

Art and collection shop is next in the list. In art and collection shop you need to sell or offer unique and antique items to the customer. You need to invest lot of money to purchase or source antique items.

#116 Hotel

Hotel is best business. In order to build hotel you require lot of capital and manpower. You should select a place such as hill station or metro city to build hotel.

#117 Video Conference and Board Room Services 

Many small and medium organization opt for video conferencing and board room on rent. If you have infrastructure or properties you can plan to build and rent conference room on hourly or monthly basis.

#118 Farming 

Farming or agriculture is best business. This business is suitable only if you have knowledge of agriculture and suitable land. You can produce vegetable, fruits or grain. You need seed, fertilizer, and farming tools. You can sell crops at nearby APMC market.

#119 Poultry and Fisheries

Poultry and Fisheries business is another lucrative business option. You should be experienced in the fisheries or poultry. You also need to make provision for infrastructure before starting this business. It is high investment business.

#120 Building Construction 

Building construction is next in the list. There are multiple option in construction line. You can become building contractor or you can become builder. You should have knowledge of civil line and RERA rule to start building construction business.

#121 Solar Farm

Solar Farm is a place where electricity is produced with the help of solar panels. The produced electricity is sold in the market. You need to do lot of investment to make solar farm. It is mandatory to take the permission of government to produce and sell electricity.

#122 Car Dealership

Car Dealership is high investment business idea. In this business, you need to sell cars. You require big space and sufficient manpower to start this business. It is profitable business option with lot of investment.

Over to you

Make sure to select the best business idea based on your skill and capital requirement. Discuss your business idea and your thoughts with friends and family. Take their help in starting a business.

Share your experience in the comment section given below.

If I have missed any business ideas or if you have got additional business ideas, feel free to share here.

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