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Bahubali Movie teach us how to get success in business


Baahubali movie is one of the most expensive movie running successfully all across. Apart from entertainment baahubali movie teach us several business lessons. It is but obvious that in order to get success in business you should follow various business fundas. It is not necessary to attend classroom sessions to learn these business fundas. Movies like Baahubali is enough to learn it. Let’s explore what Baahubali movie teaches us about success in business.

Success in Business by Baahubali Style

Focus and Goals

In the movie, it is shown that Baahubali tries to climb the mountain multiple times. Even waterfall force and emotion of his mother can’t stop him. His primary goal was to climb the mountain and his focus was to fulfill this goal.

Learning – In order to get success in business you should set an attainable Goal. Once your goal is set you should start working towards fulfilling this goal. You may face several problems, but you should not change your focus. “Focus on Goal like a hungry Lion and run after it without any thought except to get it”.


Proper Planning

In the battle scene of movie baahubali it is shown that the army of the opposite party is four times larger than baahubali’s army. However from the beginning army of baahubali does meticulous planning by dividing themselves into multiple teams. These teams fought this battle for the victory.

Learning – Proper planning is an essential step for getting success in business. Your opponent team may be large enough, but instead of getting panic you should do proper planning strategically for getting success in business. Remember planning helps you to run the business with limited employees and limited resources. Remember “Failing to plan is planning to fail”


Proper Selection of Employee

In the movie, it is shown that when it comes to the selection of King, mother of king organize a fight between her own son and Baahubali.  The decision of appointing king is done based on performance in the competition and it is the correct decision for the kingdom.

Learning -Success of your business depends on the selection of correct employees for the correct task. You should keep your employees satisfied and happy. Your employees will be satisfied and happy if you are giving them work as per their expertise, an area of interest and performance.

Another point is you should always take an appraisal of an employee based on performance without any bias. If your employee feel that you are getting biased it will directly impact their work and ultimately on the growth of your business.

Critical thinking ability

In Baahubali when bhaubali’s army is about to run away due to fear of failure, baahubali motivate them by saying it is better to die in the battle field rather than running away. This saying boosts up the army for fighting the battle.

Learning – Ups and Downs in business are about to happen. During the period of slow down employee may get demotivated and lose trust on the company. During this time, it is a task of businessman or entrepreneur to keep employee motivated. Small motivation given on right time sometimes leads to huge success. Remember “Being positive in a negative situation is not naïve. It’s Leadership”.


Hope this valuable business lessons from Baahubali Movie will help you to get success in business.

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