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20 Profitable Automobile Business Ideas

20 Profitable Automobile Business Ideas – The automobile industry is an evergreen industry. Every vehicle demands maintenance and replacement of spare after few years of usage. The business trend shows that automobile business is growing at a faster pace compared to any other business. The main reason is an increase in vehicle population due to commutation requirement. People prefer own vehicle instead of using public transportation. A growth in vehicle requirement is the main driving factor behind automobile business.

If you are planning to start automobile business and looking for good business opportunity or business ideas. Here are 20 Profitable Automobile Business Ideas that will help you to generate very good income from your business.

Automobile Business Ideas

20 Profitable Automobile Business Ideas

Car Wash Business

A first highly profitable automobile business idea is mobile car wash business. It is a moderate investment business. In order to start this business, you require suitable place and equipment for car washing. You also need unskilled manpower for this requirement. If you are running out of space, you can think of starting mobile car wash business also.

Mobile Oil Change and Servicing

Every vehicle demands oil change and servicing. Thus starting a business related to oil change and servicing would be profitable affair. You just need knowledge about changing oil and doing servicing. You can even hire person in order to perform this task.

Wheel Alignment Services

Wheel Alignment is next among profitable automobile business ideas. Every four wheeler requires wheel alignment at regular interval. Thus starting a wheel alignment servicing business makes sense. You require small shop and machine for wheel alignment and balancing. The cost of one such unit is around 4 lakhs. You also need suitable manpower for extending services.

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Battery Reconditioning Business

Another automobile business is battery reconditioning.  This business demands suitable skill. You need to understand how to disassemble and remove battery bank, how to rejuvenate dead cell etc. Reconditioned battery has very good market. You can earn lot of money from this business.

Battery dealer

Battery dealer is a vendor that deals in batteries. In this business, you need to establish shop and sell batteries required for two wheelers and four wheelers. You can do tie-up or take dealership of specific brand.

Car Customization

Car Customization is among one of the top automobile business ideas. Car customization means altering exterior and interior of car. Apart from that replacing the engine and transmission also falls under this category. This business required extraordinary skill and lot of money for investment.

Old Car Buy Sell

Old car buy and sell is one of the simplest form of business idea. This business does not demand any investment. In this business, you need to help seller to meet buyer and charge commission for every deal.

Motor Driving School

One of the big investment automobile business is motor driving training school. You require number of cars and drivers who can teach car driving to the customer. You need to spend lot of money for establishing motor driving school.

Vehicle Towing Service

Vehicle towing services are required in the case of break down or accident. There are different types of towing services like accident vehicle towing service, non-damaged vehicle towing, breakdown vehicle services etc. Every service requires different type of crane or towing vehicle. You need to specialized and provide prompt service in a wider region to succeed in this business.

Automobile Spare Part sell

Automobile spares are always in demand. This is mainly due to increase in repair, breakdown and maintenance. If you have knowledge in automobile spare you can start automobile spare part sell business. It is highly profitable business.

Dent Removal Services

Dents are very common in almost every car. Dent removal services means repairing and removing dent. This service can be offered in a shop or as a mobile service. This business requires deep knowledge about dent removal or repair. It also demands several repair tools.

Car Accessories

Car Accessories business is one of the most popular automobile business ideas. New and old both car requires certain mandatory accessories such as seat cover, car cover, air freshener, cleaning kit, car charger etc.  In addition to that many people opt of other expensive accessories also. Thus starting a car accessory business is one of the highly profitable business option.

Vehicle Registration Agency

Vehicle registration agency is another automobile related business option. In this business, you need to tie up with car dealer so that every new car vehicle registration is completed via your agency. You need to charge fix amount for every registration.

Car Insurance Business

Next lucrative automobile business is car insurance business. As per rule, it is mandatory to purchase car insurance for every car owner. If you have knowledge in insurance field you can start your own car insurance business. You need potential customer who is ready to purchase car insurance via your agency.

Automated Mobile Car Wash

Running a mobile car wash business is a smart way to make money without taking much risk of capital investment. The business also eliminates the requirement for a retail business location.

Mobile Mechanic Services

Vehicle breakdown always need mechanic for applying quick fix. If you have trained manpower who can fulfill this requirement you can start mobile mechanic service business. This business does not require retail business location you can even operate from home.

Automobile Spare Manufacturing

If you are expert in manufacturing auto parts and capable of investing lot of money you can start automobile spare manufacturing business. A quality of product and price is major factor in determining success of this business.

Motor Bike Dealership

A business that demands heavy investment is motorbike dealership. As a dealer, you can choose to start a franchise with a popular brand such as Hero or start your own independent shop with new and used motorcycles.

Car Dealership

If you love car, you can plan to become car dealership. Similar to motorbike this business also requires heavy investment. Availability of proper finance, a good location, possible contact with a franchisor, and business knowledge are key for the success of car dealership business.

Cab and Car Renting Services

Giving car on rent is one of the most popular way of earning money. There are many people who opt for taking car on rent while going for vacation or during occasion such as marriage etc. You need to invest money for buying a car. You will also need good drivers. You can charge on per kilometer basis.

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