Walnut – Innovative Expense manager

walnut expense manager

I often search for application which will track my expense automatically. Well today my search is completed I have come across Walnut an Innovative Expense Manager. Let me share with you detail of Walnut with you.

Walnut- Innovative Expense manager

Walnut is free expense manager app that helps you to track your expense automatically. This app works in background it does not even require to open the app or to make data entry. It tracks your expense automatically.

You must be wondering how it is possible to track expense without making data entry.  Well that’s what the innovation is, Walnut analyze the SMS from your inbox and based on keyword tracking makes entry of credit and debit. It is perhaps easiest expense tracker I have ever come across. Walnut is always in auto-mode and deeply understands your SMS Inbox. Walnut does not require access or connection to any bank accounts.

Walnut only looks at incoming message from business like bank, merchants etc. It does not analyse any personal messages. Walnut also gives insight of your financial transactions from single day to years at one place at one click.

Walnut – Features

  • Walnut provides intuitive visualizations and smart insights
  • Month wise summary of cards and bank accounts
  • Walnut will remind you of pending bills
  • It will give Spending Analysis
  • See all your SMS offers together in one place!
  • Search facility to search transactions, bills, events or any business message
  • It consolidates all business messages into a better view – No more LM-, DM-, AM- Now
  • It keeps related message at single place for easy tracking

Currently Walnut support following banks and business –

  1. HDFC bank, debit and credit cards
    2. Axis bank, debit and credit cards
    3. ICICI bank, debit and credit cards
    4. SBI bank, debit and credit cards
    5. Citibank credit cards
    6. Amex credit cards
    7. IndusInd credit cards
    8. Vodafone, Idea, Airtel
    9. BookMyShow, OlaCabs and many more

Walnut works like magic you must download it. This app is supporting only android based smartphone.

To know more about this app you can go through FAQ section.

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