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5 Different Stock Market Career Options

Stock Market Career – Can I start my career in stock market?  Yes! You can.

Once upon a time stock market was considered as most complex thing. There were very few options to learn stock market. However, time is changed. Now, there are multiple online courses available to learn stock market.

You can learn and start your own career in stock market.

There are multiple employment opportunities in the stock market. You can become equity advisor, broker, sub broker, trader, financial consultant, relationship manager, fundamental analyst in the stock market.

Graduate in any field with knowledge of stock market can start career in the stock market. There are multiple benefits of choosing stock market trading as career option.

  • You can get lot of flexibility compared to traditional job.
  • You can be your own boss and work as per your terms.
  • You can invest and earn lot of money from the stock market.
  • You can learn new skill and strategy while dealing with market every day.
  • This career offers you good work-life balance.
  • Once you become expert you can become researcher, trainer or SEBI registered advisor.

Stock Market Career

5 Different Stock Market Career Options  

#1 Relationship Manager

Relationship Manager is entry level job in the stock market. A relationship manager is bridge between client and broker. The primary task of relationship manager is to draw customer attention on buying opportunity of stock and mutual fund. Additionally, they are also responsible for solving technical or stock related queries of customers.

You need a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, finance or management to become relationship manager. You are likely to get salary of Rs.20000 to Rs.30000 per month as a relationship manager.

#2 Stock Broker

Stock Broker means professional trader who buys and sell stock on the behalf of customer. The stock broker is registered representative or an investment advisor. Stocks are traded on exchange. However, investor can not directly trade in stock market. They will need demat or trading account and platform for buying and selling stocks.

Stock broker offers services to customer for stock trading and investments. There are two types of stock brokers. (1) Full service stock broker (2) Discount stock broker. Full service stock broker provides full stack of services including stock advisory. Discount stock broker only provide online trading platform. They do not provide any advisory or research facility.

#3 Financial or Investment Advisor

You can start your own financial or investment advisor consultancy services. You have to register at SEBI in order to become register financial advisor. Once you become registered financial advisor you can offer investment advice and charge money.

You need to have post graduate in finance in order to apply for license at SEBI. SEBI follow the strict education guideline in order to issue license. You can also apply for license if you are CA, CFA or CFP. You can earn lot of money as Financial or Investment Advisor.

#4 Research Analyst

Research Analyst is lucrative career option in the stock market. Research analyst is responsible for researching, analyzing, interpreting and presenting stock market and finance data in the meaningful format as require by the customer.

You can get very good job as research analyst in the investment firm. You can start your own business as independent research analyst. The eligibility criteria are similar to investment advisor. You can also become research analyst if you are MBA, CFA or CA.

#5 Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio management services or wealth management firm is one of the most promising stock market career. If you are good at managing money and having strong understanding of stock market and its operation you can start PMS services.

It is extremely hard to start PMS services for the fresher. You have to be experience stock market investor with professional qualification such as CA, MBA (Finance) or CFA and vast experience to become PMS.

In addition to above stock market career option you can also become equity analyst, market researcher, hedge fund manager, mutual fund manager, risk analyst, trainer or MF Distributor.

Over to You

I would recommend before starting your career in the stock market, you should get in-depth knowledge of stock market and finance world. You should also complete financial course and gain experience in the stock market.

Which stock market career option you will select and why?

Do share your views in the comment section given below.

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