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40 Part Time Business Ideas from Home Online & Offline

Today many young and dynamic people are looking for part-time business. They are either fed up with their full-time job or they want to earn extra money. If you are one of them and looking for part-time business ideas this post is for you. In this post, I will try to give wings to your entrepreneurship by sharing 40 part-time business ideas.  These part-time business ideas are proven and add a supplement to your income.

Part Time Business Ideas

40 Part-Time Business Ideas

Food Related Part Time Business Ideas

Food-related business ideas are evergreen and can be started and grown in a short period of time. Recommended business ideas for the food are given below.

1. Chocolate making

You can start your own part-time chocolate-making business. Chocolate making is low investment business. To make chocolate you need raw materials such as cream, sugar, mold, and decorative items. You need to tie up with a shopping mall or shops to sell your chocolates.

2. Breakfast serving

If you are good at making breakfast you can start home home-based breakfast serving business. Many people look for a place to serve a good breakfast. This business requires a basic setup such as a separate room for serving breakfast.

3. Namkeen Snacks Making

Today working women always look for readymade namkeen and snacks. So, starting a part-time home-based Namkeen making is a good choice. You can get runaway success in this business.

4. Food Catering

Food catering is a big business but can be started part-time. This business requires investment. This business also demands good food quality and managerial skills. It requires time to establish yourself in this business.

Online Part-Time Business Ideas

Part-time businesses can be started online. A few recommended online business ideas are given below.

5. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best online part-time businesses. It is a proven fact that one can earn a lot of money from blogging. There are a number of bloggers who are already living their lives on blogging. However, it takes a lot of time to make money from blogging.

6. Online Store

Another part-time business is establishing an online store. This idea demands investment and effort. You need to buy things at a lower price and sell them at a higher price. Before starting an actual online store you can take a trial at Flipkart, Snapdeal, Facebook, or Whatsapp.

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7. Affiliate Marketing

You can earn a lot of money part-time from Affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing means helping others to sell their item and earn a commission based on a sale.

8. Social Media Expert

If you are good at social media management you can plan to become social media expert. As a social media expert, you need to manage Facebook, Twitter, and other social pages of a different brand. You will be responsible for increasing likes and shares. You can charge a fixed amount for this. This business can be started part-time.

9. Virtual Assistant

Many companies seek services from the virtual assistant. The task of a virtual assistant is to help in typing e-mails, project work, data entry, or computer related other computer-related tasks. There are many websites that offer part-time jobs for the virtual assistant.

10. Website Designer or SEO Expert

If you are from the IT field with knowledge of website design and SEO you can plan to become a website designer or SEO expert. You need to bid on online projects and complete the task in a given period of time. You can earn a lot of money part-time by adopting this business.

Service-Related Part Time Business Ideas

The part-time business ideas for the service-related people are given below.

11. Computer Repair

If you are good at repairing computers you can start your own part-time repair and computer AMC business. A computer repair business requires time to establish.

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12. Photography

Photography is a skill. If you are good at taking a photograph and ready to spend extra time apart from your job this idea is for you.

13. Account Keeping

Every small and large business requires help in keeping the account book up to date. If you are from a commerce background you can accept the task of account keeping and earn part-time income.

14. Interior Designer

Interior design is next on the list of part-time business ideas. You can become an interior designer and earn a lot of money. You need to be creative and good at communication, management, and planning skills.

15. Errand’s service

Errand service is one of the best part-time business ideas today. People have become busy today and they need someone to perform personal tasks such as making payments of utility bills, delivery of personal belongings, etc. If you can effectively manage a team of people you can start an errand service business.

16. Insurance Agency

An insurance agency is a low-cost low-risk part-time business idea. As an insurance agent, you require quality such as good communication skills, convening power, and knowledge. The income of an insurance agent depends on the number of policies sold, amount, and type of insurance policy.

17. Party Decorator

The party decorator makes an arrangement for the decoration of the party (i.e. weddings, themed events, and children’s parties). Party decorators specialize in a type of decorations, like balloon decorating or holiday tree lighting, etc.

18. Freelance writer

If you are good at writing and creating unique content you can start a part-time business of freelance writing. Many online websites are looking for a freelance writer and they are ready to pay a good amount of money for the services offered.

19. Resume Writer

The next part-time business idea is resume writing. It is difficult to become a resume writer as it requires specific skills and knowledge to become a resume writer.

20. Gardening Service

Gardening service is a full-time business but at the initial stage, you can start this business part-time. In this business, you need to provide gardening services to companies or individuals. You can charge for landscape creation and maintenance.

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21. Match Making

Matchmaking is a very good part-time business for the women. It is a home-based low-investment business.

22. Wedding Planning

You can start your own wedding planning business part-time. This business requires managerial and planning skills. You need manpower support and capital in order to start this business.

Education Related Business Ideas

23. Tuition Class

Tuition class is evergreen, the fastest growing, and most favorite part-time business idea. It is an investment idea and can be started from home.

24. Fitness Trainer

Today everyone is health conscious and they are ready to spend money on maintaining health and fitness.  In order to become a fitness trainer, you need to be physically fit. You also need knowledge about how to maintain your fitness level.

25. Computer Trainer

Starting computer training is a very good part-time business idea. In today’s world, everyone needs to know about computers and they are ready to spend money on that. In order to become a computer trainer, you require basic infrastructure and knowledge about computers.

Product-Related Part Time Business Ideas

26. Customize Gift Store

There is a tradition to give a gift on every occasion and people often get confused while selecting a gift. So, starting a customized gift store could be a very good idea. You can start this business part-time from home and once it is established you can open your own store online or offline.

27. Real Estate Agent

You can start a part-time business as a real estate agent. The investment required for this business is NIL and you can easily start this business from home. However, it will take time to establish this business and earn a good amount of money from it.

28. Seasonal Products

The next part-time business idea is related to seasonal products. India is a country of festivals and every festival is unique. The festivals give an opportunity to start seasonal product businesses like selling of firecrackers, kites, colors, etc.

29. Custom Cloth making

Custom cloth making is the next business idea. If you are creative and know the skill of designing clothes this idea is for you. You can design exclusive clothes part-time and generate a good income.

30. Soda Shop

Going for a walk at night time and drinking soda is becoming a trend in many metro cities. So, starting a soda shop part-time could be a very good business idea.

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31. Growing and selling vegetables

This idea is applicable to people with small land where they can do farming of vegetables. Once these vegetable grows they can be sold in the market.

Other Part-Time Business Ideas

32. Business Consultant

If you are good at a specific subject in business you can become a part-time business consultant. Today many startups are looking for a good business consultant for solving business-related problems.

33. Event Coordinator

Event planning for coordination is the next part-time business on the list. In order to become an event coordinator, you should be extremely good at managerial and planning skills. It is a zero investment business idea. You can get help from event structure design solution companies.

34. Personal Chef

This idea is especially for the women. If you are good at making food you can plan to become a personal chef. Today many working women prefer a personal chef at home for the cooking. Thus becoming a personal chef could be a very good way to earn a second income.

35. Disco Jokey

Disco Jokey is a specialized field. You require a skill and investment in order to start this business. Passion and creativity is important in order to start this business.

36. Home Repair Jobs

The next part-time business idea is a home repair job. In order to start this business, you need to hire specialized people. ROI for this business is less and it requires time to establish this business.

37. Pest Control

You can plan to start your own business related to pest control in part-time. You need to hire labor in order to do pest control.

38. Senior Citizen Assistance

Senior citizen today always needs assistance in terms of doing small tasks at home. You can think of doing part-time business of supplying manpower to help them.

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39. Beauty parlor

The beauty parlor is a part-time business idea for women. In order to start this business, you need to undergo specialized training.

40. Sport Coach

Professional sports coaching is a competitive business. You need to undergo specialized training before becoming a sports coach. It requires determination and commitment to become a sports coach.

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