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Tracking expense is essential need to control finance. Each of one use different mechanism to track spending’s, like excel sheet, smart phone apps or certain software on desktop, but bottom line is same to track where each penny / rupee is going.

I am herewith way to make simple expense tracker using google docs, this expense tracker will take details of your expense in simple form. It will allow you to track your expense not only that you can do analysis by using built in chart anytime. So let’s check out how you can make your own ‘Simple expense tracker” using google docs.

Expense Tracker using Google Docs:-

Step 1:- Create a new Google docs – Form

Login to Google Docs using your google account once you are inside click on create “form” tab as shown below.

google form

Once you click this tab it will open a new window where you can create a form. We will use this form to enter spending details.

Step 2:- Create basic expense tracking form

We will now create a basic form with the following fields:

  1. How much? – Money Spending
  2. Spends on:-  A description for the spending
  3. Category:- A      list of categories for spending

google spend tracker

The first step is to name the form. I have chosen “Spending Tracker”. You can give your own name. Next add three basic questions as shown above, the process is very simple, just try for yourself. Finally save expenditure tracking form.

Step 3:- Enter Expense in form

Once you are done, open the link which is marked by red box in above figure or Identified by “You can view the published form here”. Don’t forget to bookmark this link. This is the URL you will access whenever you want to enter new expense.

Form will look like:-

spending tracker

Just start adding your expense once you enter few expenses the spreadsheet will look like this:


Google adds the time stamp for each expense made by you. So you don’t have to worry about entering expense date. You can use this tracker to track you spending. (provided you enter information as soon as possible)

Step 4:- Analysis of Expense

Google docs also give you facility to analyze your expense, just use built-in charts in Google docs to do some analysis of the expenses. I did a bar chart to show what is possible.


So, what are you waiting for just click here to take a test drive for the expense tracker made using google docs.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends. Add your comments/ query I will be happy to answer it.

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