Financial Planning Your Basic Need


Although financial planning is basic need today many people yet do not understand anything about financial planning. When we ask for monthly income of people visiting us 100% people answer it promptly but if we ask them how much percent they invest on yearly basis, 90 people out of 100 is unable to answer it.

If we make balance sheet of our life considering average life span of 70 years we start our education life from 3 years and we continue it till 24 year. Once our education life is over we enter in professional life where we start earning money. From 24 years to our retirement age 60 years we try earning maximum money either by doing job or by business. So on and average person spends 35 years of his/her life in earning money.

Half of our life span is dedicated for earning money. We work very hard to earn money but we hardly plan anything for this hard earned money. Most of people spend and invest money randomly without any planning.

Earning more money is not in everyone’s hand but planning of this earned money is in our hand.  How much to percentage we should spend and how much percentage we should invest in which asset class we should decide it wisely.

So utilization of this income (financial resource) for investment using correct financial technique is called as Financial Planning. Financial planning is basic need today.


Yet 70 out 100 persons still spend money without any planning or follow other people blindly when it comes to investments. When they need more money they end up taking personal loans and later stage they find them inside deep debt.

Not only that 75 out of 100 people spend more money than their earning. They are simply not aware that how much money they need for spending every month.

So ultimately you should understand that if earning is not in your hand other two Spending and Planning is in your hand only. If you don’t control E(earning) S(spending) & P(planning) in your life than at the end your position will be like “Khaya Piya Kuch Nahi Glass Toda Bara Anna”.

So if you have not planned anything yet, start planning now before it’s too late.

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