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20 Small Agriculture Business Ideas

Agriculture Business Ideas

Agriculture business means producing and marketing agriculture commodities such as livestock and crops. It is the fastest growing evergreen field. The business of agriculture can be started with low investment. It has a bright future. The government also encourage agriculture business by providing subsidy and tax benefits. If you are interested in agriculture and looking for small agriculture business ideas, this article will surely help you in deciding the right business option. Here are 20 Small Agriculture Business Ideas.

For better understanding, I have divided these business ideas into three different categories.

  • Agribusiness related to productivity – Feeds, Fertilizer, Equipment
  • Agriculture commodities Business- Food, Fiber, Process commodities
  • Processing businesses – Food processing, Packaging, Transportation

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20 Small Agriculture Business Ideas

Agribusiness related to productivity

  1. Agriculture Farm

The first agriculture business idea is starting an agriculture farm. Agriculture farm is a place where farming and cultivation take place. You will require appropriate agriculture land for starting this business. You can produce rice, wheat, sugar cane, vegetable or any other food product on the farm. You require knowledge of seeds, farming, fertilizer and agri equipment to start this business. It is one of the best evergreen business.

  1. Flower Farming

Flowers are used widely used for decoration and worship. If you have big land you can think of starting flower farming business. It is a highly lucrative business idea. In this business, you need to grow various flowers such as rose, sunflower, jasmine, etc. You need to hire manpower for farming and cropping.

  1. Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming means growing vegetation on walls vertically. The concept of vertical farming is getting popularity in metro cities. In this business, you need to take a service contract for doing vertical farming. Most of the small and medium organization opt for this concept. You require expert manpower to start vertical farming.

  1. Organic Farming

Organic Farming means producing vegetable and foods in an organic manner without fertilizer and pesticides. The demand for organic products is increasing day by day. Thus, starting organic farming is a very good business option. You require enough place and knowledge to start organic farming.

  1. Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer producing is next in the list of agriculture business ideas. Organic fertilizer is made by decomposing vegetable, earthworms, and waste processing. The process of producing fertilizer is known as vermicompost. This type of fertilizer is very good for farming. The business of organic fertilizer can be started with low investment.

  1. Farming equipment’s

Farming equipment selling is next on the list. The equipment related to farming such as seed drill, cultivator, sprinkler system, sprayer, and tractor usually remains in demand. You can sell farming equipment in rural places and earn money. Make sure to gather enough knowledge about farming equipment before starting this business.

  1. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming means the process of producing and raising birds such as chicken, duck, goose. The purpose of farming is meat production or egg. It is a capital intensive and profitable business option. You require a suitable place with proper confinement for the growth of poultry. You also need to maintain temperature and ambiance for the proper growth of poultry.

  1. Fish Farming

Fish farming is the next agriculture business idea. In this business, you need to raise fish in tank or enclosure as a fish pound. You can select the type of fish based on the market condition. You require a good source of water to start this business. Fish farming is a medium investment highly profitable commercial business in India.

  1. Pesticide Production

Pesticide production is another lucrative business option. For any farming activity, you will need pesticide to protect the crop. Pesticides are made of specialized chemical. You can also produce pesticide organically. It is known as a biopesticide. It is recommended to go for a special course study before producing pesticide.

  1. Agriculture equipment on rental

The big equipment used in agriculture such as tractor, harvester, an excavator can be given on rent for generating income. Many farmers or newcomers in the farming business opt for agriculture equipment on rent. If you have capital and expertise you can start this business.

Agriculture commodities Business

  1. Agriculture Commodity Trading

Agriculture commodity trading is next in the list. It is a simple business where you will be acting as a wholesaler. You need to purchase food products, grains from the farmer and sell it to the grocer at a higher price. Looking at the first instance it seems to be an easy business. However, it requires a lot of expertise and understanding of the market and products.

  1. Fruit and Vegetable Export

Fruit and Vegetables produced in a farm can be exported to outside for earning money. You need to take IEC export code for starting this business. You must be careful in selecting a target country for export and rules applicable. Find out a good distributor and dealer before starting this business.

  1. Grocery Trading

Grocery trading one of the very good business option. In this business you will be acting as retailer for selling household items such as rice, wheat, sugar, oil etc. This business can be started with low investment.

  1. Tea Coffee Business

Tea and Coffee are widely used all over the world. You can think of starting a business of producing or selling tea and coffee under a separate brand name. It is a lucrative business.

  1. Rubber and Wool Business

Rubber and wool are used for making various cloths and related items. Rubber and wool always remain in demand. You can start a rubber and wool trading business. You need to tie up with rubber and wool producer for starting this business.

Processing Businesses

  1. Dairy Farming

Dairy farming means processing and selling milk and milk related products such as ghee, panier etc. The demand for milk and related product will never end. Thus, starting dairy farming is a lucrative business option. This business can be started with low investment.

  1. Frozen chicken

Frozen chicken is next in the list of processing agriculture business ideas. In this business chicken are frozen and sold with suitable packing. Many people prefer frozen chicken when it comes to eating nonveg. You need to do moderate investment to start a frozen chicken business.

  1. Flour Mill

A flour mill means equipment or machinery for grinding grain in to the flour. A flour mill business can be started at a lower scale at a shop or at a larger scale for specific brand/products. It is an evergreen business option.

  1. Fruit Juice Processing

Fruit Juice processing is one of the best agriculture processing business. In this business, you need to process fruit via machinery to prepare juice. You need to add preservative and prepare suitable packing. It is a medium investment business and demand skills.

  1. Spice Processing

Spice powder is essential for cooking. Good spice helps to bring good taste in the food. Commonly used spice are chili powder, cumin, turmeric powder etc. Spice has a very good domestic market. You require a grinding machine as well as a mixer and packaging machine to start this business. It is a low investment business with very good market potential.

Over to You –

I have tried to shortlist some of the best small agriculture business ideas for you.

You should select the idea based on your expertise and market demand. Make a proper business plan and list down resources and capital required before starting the business. You should also gain knowledge of farming and products in which you will be dealing.

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